Monday, June 11, 2012

Sodden and Stir Crazy

Long Weekends = perfect for crafty crowns and torturing the puppy

It's 5pm on Monday at the end of the long weekend. 

In our case it's the 4th day of the long weekend because the KATs had a pupil free day on our 'enjoyment' has been only enhanced by that one extra day of togetherness.

Can you detect my actual level of 'joy' from the tone of this post?

I love my KATs but by golly if it wasn't so bloody wet outside I'd be turfing them to the curb!  Clearly God hasn't grasped the concept that wet weather and long weekends should be mutually exclusive...especially where children and parents are concerned!!!!

We've got about 3hrs before they'll all be tucked up intact in their for evidentiary purposes here's some photographic evidence that I have attempted to be productive this weekend.

Yes, copious amounts of ice cream and chocolate sauce have been consumed but I deserve it goddamit!!!!

Yes the puzzle is upside down but it's still a puzzle which I get points for!!

Wet weather = good time to organize the dustables

More dustables and a home for my wallpaper collection!

Gumboots were well worn and look so lovely outside the new front door!!!

Truly a family of tossers in our Hunter boots (mine are adjustable for my chubby calves)

Time for a Home B fix but only after making the chocky self-saucing pud

Too wet to put the recycleables out in their bins!!!!
Given that it's only my family and friends who read my blog - hope you all had a good weekend:)

Saint Mike is in Ohio visiting his sister....her husband is due for a bone marrow transplant on Tuesday so right now is having his immune system killed off (literally) by Chemo...we are praying for him!  He's been trying to take her mind off their ordeal by plying her with wine and entertaining her twins...he's heading back to Toronto tomorrow to spend the remainder of the week visiting his mum in hospital.

I've been thinking of stopping my blog as most days it feels like I'm blogging to nowhere....the only reason I haven't stopped is that it's illuminating for our distant families as to what the KATs get up to and what's going on in my complex mind:)

Bummer, ending on a downer...thoughts of my sick brother-in-law and my ailing mother-in-law have invaded my mind...time to put the chocky pudding in the oven!!!


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