Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ruminating on being a netball mum

Did you play netball when you were younger? Perhaps you still play!
I was an average netballer, "C" grade from memory. I enjoyed it but had no passion for it. My strongest memories are the permanent pleated skirt and the unflattering nature of scungies (see above image)!!
Both Oldest and Middle KAT play and I have now officially morphed into a netball mother having taken on a volunteer role with the netball club committee as VP of the Junior club.
I dumped ballet as I wasn't cut out to be a ballet mum...the buns were the undoing of me. Netball administration however suits my OCD tendencies and so far I'm enjoying it. Must say having jobs to do takes my focus off whether the girls are winning or losing:)

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  1. I'm happy to be a soccer mum as the games seem to be much later than those early starts for netball. I notice all the girls wear dresses these days. They look expensive!

    I was always GK at netball i.e. tall and talentless! (If this is the position one of your girls plays then I'll have to back track on that!)


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