Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy birthday to our very own saint

Today is a special day.  It's Saint Mike's birthday.

We won't discuss his age, it's not considered polite conversation!

I told him yesterday that we were going to celebrate in a style that befitted him as a young at heart man of action....even if that's not exactly how he's feeling at this particular juncture given the amount of stress he's been under of late:)

So we hired a double kayak with a child seat for the youngest KAT and set off at 8am from the Spit to Balmoral...a leisurely paddle of about 25minutes.

Our older two KATs are returning today from Melbourne where they've been hanging out with their nana (my mum), cousins, aunt and uncle and having a super-dooper trip unencumbered by their parents!!

Anyway, back to our birthday adventure...

Once back on dry land I adjourned the beach briefly to purchase coffees and egg and bacon rolls (plus a chocky croissant for youngest KAT) and we sat and enjoyed a magnificent morning looking out towards the Sydney Harbour Heads.

When the rigours of life are getting us down we've always found respite in admiring this view and today was no different.

We paddled, we sang, we ate, we drank, we relaxed and we celebrated a special day for a very special husband, daddy, bestie and all round Saint :)

Once back home I have made a yummy stuffing, stuffed it up the clacker of a chook and made a birthday an hour or so we'll head off to the airport to pick up our unaccompanied minors and then come home to our building site of a home and get that bird a cookin!! 

Oh and there will be a few pressies for SM to unwrap:))

Youngest KAT having a great time making a kayak in the sand!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

one-woman bandwagon for chrissie

The logies are always an after thought for me.  I don't watch them and I usually have minimal interest in the outcome.  This probably won't change in the near future!

However, this year I am retrospectively interested in looking at shots from the red carpet so I can see the lovely Katrina do her thang (yes thang not thing!)

In the process of trawling the interweb for shots of her (as she is yet to update her own blog!!!!!) I stumbled on shots of Chrissie Swan.

I've been warming to this lady for a while now. 

It's not because we're both from the "more than a handful" club in the boob or weight department.  It's more because she calls a spade a shovel (like me) and writes with wit and candour in her column for Sunday Life (even though this publication is the source of much blogworld anger today!).

Her dress last night is lovely (in my opinion) and I think she looked radiant...I'm such a sucker for a midnight blue frock:)

That's it, I want to sign up for her fan club!  Now!!

Now if only Katrina would put us out of our misery and do a post on her evening I could move on and forget about the Logies!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Shenanigans

Easter 2012 is over but it's chocky delights are going to be hanging around for a while I think.

We had a stay at home weekend. Equal parts relaxing around the house, catching up with friends and participating in the craziness that is the Sydney Easter Show!

These shots are from our visit to Littlest KATs godmother on Sunday morning for an Easter egg hunt.  We love her to death (godmother that is) but she did go a tad over the top in the egg department...for our three KATs there was enough to feed an entire orphanage!!!  A great time was had hunting down every last one of those little suckers!

Even our Oldest KAT, approaching 12 got into the fun...may she stay this young for a long time:)

Combined with their haul from the Easter Bunny, our KATs have more than their fair share of chocolate.  I am fully intending to surreptitiously remove some of it over the next few days...a few little eggs here and there so that slightly less is consumed!!!

I hope you all had a lovely Easter :)

Friday, April 6, 2012

a bit of drive-in fun

We're off to the drive-in tonight.

It's an annual road-trip we do with the KATs.

Over an hour to get there...Blacktown is a bit of a trek from the Northern Beaches:)

The back of the territory won't look as glam as this although nana's quilts will definitely be along for the ride!  We pack the trundle mattress and when the girls get tired they climb over the back and go off to sleep.

Although this is a retro thing to do, we don't behave like our authentic retro parents....we do wake them to put them in their seatbelts for the drive home :)

Snacks and dinner will be bought from home.  This is not an indication of their healthiness just an indication of the fact we know how overpriced the food is at the Drive-In!!!

We're also taking our gorgeous chairs...there will be fight I'm sure to see who bags them:)

Hope you're having a nice Easter long weekend whatever you're doing.....
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