Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas KATcapers Style

Christmas 2012 is almost over.

At the house of KATcapers it has been all about rest and relaxation.

We stayed home. We didn't overcommit ourself (read myself) in the catering department and a peaceful and fulfilling day was had by all.

Prawns, Ham and salad with the Pavlova eaten later in the day because we were all too full to do it justice.

Silly hats, silly jokes, silly conversation around our little table whilst Sally (the dog) sat on one of the new pillow pets being fed the occasional morsel of ham.

I hope your festivities have been as enjoyable?

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Advent Calender Craft - Growing Seeds of Love

We're starting a new Advent Calender tradition this year at KATcapers.

The idea evolved organically. I knew that I wanted to use brown envelopes and a pinboard (recycling one that I've had for a while).  When I was out buying paint at Murobond I saw these seed envelopes

Once I started playing around with positioning them on the board I began to reflect on the fact that they were seed envelopes.

Seeds. Growing. Love.

I realized that there was a way to link the anticipation of christmas and the birth of our saviour with the love that we are growing within our little family.  Loving each other is a very important life lesson that Saint Mike and I want to teach our KATs.  Loving each other in spite of our differences.  Knowing that whatever happens, we are here for each other.

So, our Advent Calender has become a ritual that will have significance each year and will produce a 'crop' of love via notes we will write to each other each Advent season.

The way it works is:
  1. Each of the KATs writes two notes to their siblings and mum and dad (3 X 8 = 24)
  2. The note can be something you love about the person or something you admire about them or something you've appreciated that they've done for you (Littlest KAT draws a picture at the moment as she can't write)
  3. Mum and Dad write one note for each KAT and one to each other (2 X 5 = 10)
  4. The notes are placed in the envelope randomly (some obviously have two notes per day)
  5. Each day we will open the envelope for that date and a family member will get a special message of love
  6. Each day the person that gets the note will get a chocolate that they can each eat or give to someone else (hmmmmnnnn we'll see how this goes!!!)
  7. Each year we will put the notes in a keepsake box and save them so that as the years pass we can re read them and hopefully cherish them:)

The girls all helped with putting the Advent Calender together - stamping the title, stamping the envelopes, attaching the red striped ribbon. 

I put it all together last night in readiness for today.  It is obviously a couple of days late but this is due to Middle KAT being very unwell over the weekend and ending up in emergency needing anti nausea medication and fluids....she's on the mend now!

Getting this Advent Calender completed is the first thing I have done in the way of Christmas decorating.  Saint Mike is itching to get his lights up.  The KATs are itching to get the inside decorations up.  I think we're going to have some busy evenings around here!

I'd love to know what you think?  Like?? 
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