Saturday, October 18, 2014

Playing with Ply

As my health slowly improves I'm starting to focus on getting back to work.

I've got two clients on retainer so had to sort out a workspace to give me a place that I could "apply" myself. The kitchen desk wasn't cutting it for many reasons, not the least of which was the view of said kitchen which distracted me when it wasn't tidy!

Unfortunately our house lacks a spare room so it was time for some creative reworking of existing real estate.  

Basically I've commandeered a corner of the Mancave!

See those sliding doors? A trip to Bunnings later the fixed panel is now covered by a plywood panel fixed with clips (so it can be removed easily) and the desk is sitting nicely facing out so I have a view of the garden when I'm working.

Why am I in the corner? Partly because of this's a monster and partly because the rest of the shed needs to at least appear to remain the Mancave!!!!

I love my new space and am definitely working more productively in it. I haven't painted the ply...I'm loving it in its natural form. 

As Sprummer progresses (this is what I call Spring in Sydney - more like early Summer) I'm hoping to relax on the Muskoka chairs a bit as well!

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