Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Channeling Tracy...or not!

The movie Election would be one of my favourite films.  I've always had a thing for Matthew Broderick and I am a big admirer of the talented Ms Witherspoon...she seems like a pretty ballsy chick.

We're in the midst of a bit of an election in our house.  Our oldest KAT had to prepare a speech for the school to convince them that she would make a great school captain.  As it's only a small school (19 of them will be in Year 6 next year) they all get to make a speech as the teachers and principal consider it a great opportunity to practise their public speaking and talk about their strengths.

I have been preparing myself all year for this event. 

Practising being magnanimous. 

Practising the "I don't care face". 

Practising the "Primary school is such a small part of your life" speech

............all in preparation for the eventual outcome that our gorgeous, intelligent, caring, generous, girl probably won't get the gig.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not being defeatist.  I'm being a realist and a pragmatist (quite unusual for me I might add!!!).  The reality is that if it's a popularity contest, our Oldest KAT wouldn't win...she's spent most of her school years on the outer and struggled at times to 'fit in'. 

She's her own person.  She doesn't go with the crowd and she's certainly no Queen Bee! 

I should also mention that her only resemblence to Ms. Flick is her intelligence and beauty...perhaps by Year 12 she may have her single-minded ambition!!

If it's decided by the principal and the teachers I'm sure she'll get a mention.  But if they have half a brain (and I know they do) they will not put this pressure on her as they know that it will only add to the weight of pressure she puts on herself and may bring out elements of her personality (the bossy bits) that we are working to tone down...not fuel!

In the unlikely event that she is chosen we will be suitably proud of her and totally supportive.  I have just reached the point though where I think it's best for her to NOT have this honour and deal with the possible thought in future years "was that my high point" (though I think she has it in her to be Prime Minister if the truth be known :))

I can also confidently say that I have no need to validate myself as a mother by geeing her on to get this job....I know I'm a great mum (and can also be a complete and utter psycho nut-case) and NOT getting school captain is not a vehicle I have ever coveted to reinforce my position in the world!

My only hope is that it goes to one of the quiet achievers in the class and not to one of the "shiny" know the ones, parents that hang with the 'right' crowd, always appearing to be cruising through life in the 'easy' lane.  I don't suffer fools gladly and if one of those smug little princesses (okay get a grip Elizabeth) gets the gig I may have to sit on my hands to stop from gagging!!!!! 

Oh, Oh....I think I need to practice the magnanimous face again!!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Favourite Things - November

It's been a long time between 'Favourite Things' posts...sorry folks!

This month it's just ONE favourite thing - my new pinboard and shelves.  A project designed and executed by moi with the able and enthusiastic support and help of Saint Mike!

This is what it looked like before....

BIG window looking out onto our neighbor's house and our fence...not exactly a postcard view!!!  We used to have a blind here that we put down at night to save anyone embarrassment but it was removed during the kitchen reno's and I quite liked it without a blind...but I didn't like the view.

So with no intention of removing/filling in/replacing the sash was desperately in need of a solution.

Knowing that I am now an expert in the use of my trusty staple gun...and having made do without a pinboard here (if I haven't already mentioned it, this is our desk/work area) I decided that a pinboard running the width of the lower sashes was the order of the day!!

The yan to my yin (noticeboard) was shelves to store all the CRAP that accumulates on the workspace...not too high that we couldn't reach them easily (I hate having to get the step ladder) and sturdy enough that I could also put some herbs in pots up there as it's the perfect sunny spot for them!!!

90 minutes at Bunnings with KAT3 and I had all my supplies...over the weekend, SM and I got to work....voila...DONE!

I should say that it's not 'styled' in any way shape or form....but I love it just the same...and the pot plants are on my list to do!!!!

It has made such a difference to our use of the space and I love the colors in the fabric (as you know, a bit of a penchant for greens and blues!!!)

Hope you like our handiwork??

Monday, November 21, 2011

My very own Clark

Unless you live under a rock it's a bit hard to fail to notice the imminent arrival of the festive season!

In our house that signals the emergence of another of Saint Mike's alter egos - Clark Griswold...he of National Lampoons Vacations fame.  For those of you living under above mentioned rock...this will have you shaking your head in ignorance!!

Being Canadian, SM has a thing for his old neighborhood there are two times of year for houses to be preened to an inch of their lives...summer, or more specifically July/August when the snow has thawed, the ground has softened and the gardens are in their glory....and December when the christmas lights get put up!

This will be our fifth christmas in our house and last year (the 4th) SM really hit his stride in the ornamentation department.  We actually became a neighborhood sensation of sorts with cars driving by to see our display and people walking past with their children.

In the spirit of our very own neighborhood Clark, I've organized a neighborhood drinks & nibblies to celebrate the season of Saint Mike!!

As he's quite the traditionalist, the display will not be erected until the first weekend in December, so we've got a couple of weeks to wait.....bring it on I say :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Easing Into Camping - Round 2

We ventured into the great outdoors this weekend.  Three days down at Jervis Bay at the beautiful Booderee National Park.

This is the 2nd time our little family have attempted to leave creature comforts behind and 'rough it' for a few nights.  Last year we hedged our bets by hiring the camper trailer but staying at a Big 4 park whilst experiencing the "delights" of Dubbo and Western Plains Zoo.

In the spirit of 'one step at a time' the 2011 edition of the KATcapers family camping trip we stuck with the camper trailer but took the plunge in the above-mentioned National Park.

Much to Saint Mike's amusement I have completely embraced our annual foray into camping.  This year I purchased a dutch oven and prepared the makings of a cheese and herb damper!!  It came home enthusiasm waned when I tired of washing up after the 3rd meal...having to trudge off to the toilet block to use the sink wore thin REALLY quickly!! 

The KATs embraced the experience whole-heartedly...they loved the freedom of roaming about unfettered and our littlest KAT in particular became Miss Independant when she found a friend her own age and from then on didn't even want her big sisters trailing after her...she was just OFF! 

We had a camp fire and toasted marshmallows....sang songs and enjoyed the stars.

We had loads of fun enjoying the new kayak that mum and dad purchased for the trip - it is a sit on one...good for us novices and just enough fun for everyone without being too much hassle!

Sleep time was a cosy affair with us all in close confines.  SM and I had forgotten how uncomfortable the camper trailer double bed is...felt like we were sleeping on a piece of MDF!!!  Nonetheless, we didn't have the array of chain-smoking grey nomads that we had to deal with at the Big 4 so my ear plugs were redundant except for blocking out the sound of the waves in the distance and the wind rustling through the trees!

As we headed back from the beach yesterday in preparation for packing up, the KATs reflected that we'd had a great weekend and that after all the discussions preceding our trip we hadn't actually sighted a tick, leech or spider!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All in all, this easing into camping is going next year I intend for us to actually purchase our own tent and requisite 'gear' and sample more of the delights of 'nature'.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Swim Little Fish Swim

A great day for our middle KAT and favourite little 'fish'....she made it through her 1st Reconciliation, kept her butterflies in check and we celebrated with a fantastic family dinner.

Keep on swimming up to the surface little fish...I love to see your beautiful colors shimmering :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

A Bex and a good lie down

Yesterday was the final day of my 9 Week Challenge.  Are you ready for the number...........cue the rocky theme and accompanying fist pumping image..............


An average of almost 2 kilograms a week for 9 weeks!

I was happy for about 3 minutes as I breathed a sigh of relief that the challenge was over and I had managed to keep up my average for the final week given I have been rather under the weather and the furious exercise had unfortunately had to give way to common I'd been stressing that I wouldn't manage to lose weight in the final week.  My stressing was obviously good for the metabolism!

Why did my euphoria last 3 minutes?

Well after the weigh in and the tape measure were done, it was time for the 'after' photos.

I had been soooooooooooooooo excited about my 'after' shots, envisaging a visual transformation on par with the one that's been going on up in my head.  Unfortunately they failed to live up to my expectations....I got a glimpse of them and almost lost the plot. 

All I could see was a blob that didn't look any different from the 'before' blob next to it.

This is probably another one of life's little lessons about not building something up quite so much....a photo taken in poor lighting with a body that still needs to lose probably about the same amount of weight again to be in any way shape or form on the 'healthy' side was never going to look fantastic in a sports bra and undies!!!!

Cue the snide, nasty voice in my head "ha ha, you thought you looked pretty good didn't you??  Ha ha, you're still a fatty boom baa".  The voice in my head can't spell very well either!!

I kept a smile and a positive face on and left shortly after.  Took myself off to the local shopping centre and had a coffee and sourdough toast with jam as a 'treat' and tried desperately to make the voice shut up.

Alas, I'd opened the door and it proceeded to throw a loud and obnoxious party for the remainder of the day. 

By the time SM got home with a lovely bunch of red roses as congratulations I was a bit of an exhausted and emotional mess and ended up taking a couple of headache tablets and going to bed early....

Do I think my journey is over..............................NO!!!!

I have more weight to lose.  Even more importantly though I have more work to do to drown out that voice in my head that tells me I'm not worthwhile and aren't as good as I think I am.

So exhausting!!

Please don't think I'm hunting for compliments.  I'm not.  This is brutal honesty and no fishing is intended :)

I've stuck this picture on the fridge with the accompanying words to remind myself that the 'voice' is full of SHIT!!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Putting Mum In Her Box

Undelivered note found on our Oldest KATs bookshelf.  Relates to an incident (one of many this week) where I refused to provide answers to her homework...instead suggesting she employ the power of Google to research the topic herself!

Dear Mum,

I should be able to get help from my mother, I need help and your reason not to help me is IRRELEVANT.


I am not talking to you!!!!!


P.S. You scrunched up my homework!

Lessons to be learnt from this missive to me from our oldest KAT:
  1. She needs a refresher on the perils of excessive use of exclamation marks
  2. Her overuse of above mentioned exclamation marks indicates a strong genetic link to her mother!!!!!
  3. Her future as a barrister is looking brighter every day :)
  4. She has mastered the art of the 'persuasive text'....what's next when you're 11?
  5. I am so going to get revenge when she has her own children and tells them to 'google it' (or the technological equivalent at that time)
  6. Hang on why wait til then, I'll be whipping out this palm card (what the above was written on) at her 21st!
Have a great weekend :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Faithful Departed

Yesterday was All Souls' Day. 

There you go, that's officially two references to god-bothering in one week...that would be a record for me!

All Souls' Day is a day to remember 'the faithful departed'.  My dad would definitely be one of those! 

Christopher Allan Pleasants. 
Best bear-hugger on the planet
Beautiful and masterful player of the guitar
Frustrating pain in the neck!!
Undiagnosed manic-depressive!!

............I. Miss. You!

His birthday was October 28th so it's been a bit of a week.  I think the above really sums up how I more words are required.
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