Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Channeling Tracy...or not!

The movie Election would be one of my favourite films.  I've always had a thing for Matthew Broderick and I am a big admirer of the talented Ms Witherspoon...she seems like a pretty ballsy chick.

We're in the midst of a bit of an election in our house.  Our oldest KAT had to prepare a speech for the school to convince them that she would make a great school captain.  As it's only a small school (19 of them will be in Year 6 next year) they all get to make a speech as the teachers and principal consider it a great opportunity to practise their public speaking and talk about their strengths.

I have been preparing myself all year for this event. 

Practising being magnanimous. 

Practising the "I don't care face". 

Practising the "Primary school is such a small part of your life" speech

............all in preparation for the eventual outcome that our gorgeous, intelligent, caring, generous, girl probably won't get the gig.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not being defeatist.  I'm being a realist and a pragmatist (quite unusual for me I might add!!!).  The reality is that if it's a popularity contest, our Oldest KAT wouldn't win...she's spent most of her school years on the outer and struggled at times to 'fit in'. 

She's her own person.  She doesn't go with the crowd and she's certainly no Queen Bee! 

I should also mention that her only resemblence to Ms. Flick is her intelligence and beauty...perhaps by Year 12 she may have her single-minded ambition!!

If it's decided by the principal and the teachers I'm sure she'll get a mention.  But if they have half a brain (and I know they do) they will not put this pressure on her as they know that it will only add to the weight of pressure she puts on herself and may bring out elements of her personality (the bossy bits) that we are working to tone down...not fuel!

In the unlikely event that she is chosen we will be suitably proud of her and totally supportive.  I have just reached the point though where I think it's best for her to NOT have this honour and deal with the possible thought in future years "was that my high point" (though I think she has it in her to be Prime Minister if the truth be known :))

I can also confidently say that I have no need to validate myself as a mother by geeing her on to get this job....I know I'm a great mum (and can also be a complete and utter psycho nut-case) and NOT getting school captain is not a vehicle I have ever coveted to reinforce my position in the world!

My only hope is that it goes to one of the quiet achievers in the class and not to one of the "shiny" know the ones, parents that hang with the 'right' crowd, always appearing to be cruising through life in the 'easy' lane.  I don't suffer fools gladly and if one of those smug little princesses (okay get a grip Elizabeth) gets the gig I may have to sit on my hands to stop from gagging!!!!! 

Oh, Oh....I think I need to practice the magnanimous face again!!!!


  1. Yay for a mum who isn't living vicariously through her children, bravo!! I loved my childhood, i don't need to make up for anything, thus never putting my children into any special classes or coaching in primary, natural talent should be that - NATURAL. My eldest was not one of the 'shiney' children as you put it, she was pals with the boys, good at everything but certainly not a vote collector. Our school didn't have school captains, only house captains & my darling girl was up against the public speaking champion, had been at the school since kindergarten, mother working hard on the teachers & the younger brother asking everyone to vote for his sister (including my other children, moron). Anyway, my girl won it, the shiney girl was her vice, boy did it piss that family off, as we had just arrived & swooped into steal her thunder. My daughter won because she was nice, not bitchy, kind, visible yet understated, so don't give up!! Might have been a little triumph of the sporty smart girl beating the public speaker too.
    There will be another round, they are in the same house in high school now!!
    As for my girls next year (year 5), um, twins, so far they take turns in being class captains when they are in the same class, they are very popular & yes, shiney, they are the cool girls. Only their best friend is most certain to get the captaincy, like her two older sisters, i wouldn't mind one bit, she's an amazing & beautiful girl. I know my girls would love it, but they're all about sharing.
    At the end of the day, i was smart, sporty & popular yet my children seem to top everything & anything i do, like national athletics finals in year 7, NEVER did that well, geesh. GOOD LUCK Super KAT, also love small schools, love Posie
    Reese - she's my all time favourite actress, also brilliant enought to create her own production company & make her own films, now that is CLEVER. I loved how she screwed over Matthew Broderick in this movie, the poor bloke, who on earth would want to be a male high school teacher??

  2. We only have to look at who's in politics to know that the best people never really get the school captain gig!! Good luck and enjoy the process!! x

  3. good luck - as much as we worry for our kids and can see their strengths and weaknesses they can surprise us- so if she does get the gong - we know she can handle the role- its the peer response thats the hardest to manage and you guys have helped her develop such resilience , hopefully this remains.

    all i can say is for us- High School has been a beacon of delight. where the strong, kind and studious types can find their niche and shine. Its been that way for Conor this year and its been a delight to see.

    He was never able to be accepted for who he was in primary school- was often on the outer . But strangely as hard as grade 5 and 6 were ( for all of us) he does look back on it a a bit fondly now- Go figure.

    Good Luck to all of you and its a credit that she is brave enough to participate in this process. Don't think i would have been at her age? i cant remember back that far!


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