Sunday, November 20, 2011

Easing Into Camping - Round 2

We ventured into the great outdoors this weekend.  Three days down at Jervis Bay at the beautiful Booderee National Park.

This is the 2nd time our little family have attempted to leave creature comforts behind and 'rough it' for a few nights.  Last year we hedged our bets by hiring the camper trailer but staying at a Big 4 park whilst experiencing the "delights" of Dubbo and Western Plains Zoo.

In the spirit of 'one step at a time' the 2011 edition of the KATcapers family camping trip we stuck with the camper trailer but took the plunge in the above-mentioned National Park.

Much to Saint Mike's amusement I have completely embraced our annual foray into camping.  This year I purchased a dutch oven and prepared the makings of a cheese and herb damper!!  It came home enthusiasm waned when I tired of washing up after the 3rd meal...having to trudge off to the toilet block to use the sink wore thin REALLY quickly!! 

The KATs embraced the experience whole-heartedly...they loved the freedom of roaming about unfettered and our littlest KAT in particular became Miss Independant when she found a friend her own age and from then on didn't even want her big sisters trailing after her...she was just OFF! 

We had a camp fire and toasted marshmallows....sang songs and enjoyed the stars.

We had loads of fun enjoying the new kayak that mum and dad purchased for the trip - it is a sit on one...good for us novices and just enough fun for everyone without being too much hassle!

Sleep time was a cosy affair with us all in close confines.  SM and I had forgotten how uncomfortable the camper trailer double bed is...felt like we were sleeping on a piece of MDF!!!  Nonetheless, we didn't have the array of chain-smoking grey nomads that we had to deal with at the Big 4 so my ear plugs were redundant except for blocking out the sound of the waves in the distance and the wind rustling through the trees!

As we headed back from the beach yesterday in preparation for packing up, the KATs reflected that we'd had a great weekend and that after all the discussions preceding our trip we hadn't actually sighted a tick, leech or spider!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All in all, this easing into camping is going next year I intend for us to actually purchase our own tent and requisite 'gear' and sample more of the delights of 'nature'.


  1. Oh i love this, camping. I would love to go camping. My childhood holidays were all overseas, i know, how terrible, Italy instead of Kakadu, but i always fancied the idea of camping, maybe as i always fancied the idea of playing house too (child bride anyone??) Anyway, i've camped once, in Margaret River, with my husband, it was awful. He is a soldier, HAS to camp, so it's his right to complain when he doesn't have to camp. Um, 15 years later, he'll say he's visiting his best mate & fishing, i find out afterwards they were camping or in swags & i'm so jealous!!
    Enjoy your camping, can i come, just me, German Shepherd & 4 children, my husband will be at the nearest 5 star hotel!! Love Posie

  2. AHHHH!! as you know my worst nightmare - bugs , fresh air , cinder block toilets.
    but good on you all- its great for the kids to have some freedom. Unlike Posie Patchwork i will send Mikey and the boys with you and i will wait at the local 5 star hotel


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