Friday, November 4, 2011

Putting Mum In Her Box

Undelivered note found on our Oldest KATs bookshelf.  Relates to an incident (one of many this week) where I refused to provide answers to her homework...instead suggesting she employ the power of Google to research the topic herself!

Dear Mum,

I should be able to get help from my mother, I need help and your reason not to help me is IRRELEVANT.


I am not talking to you!!!!!


P.S. You scrunched up my homework!

Lessons to be learnt from this missive to me from our oldest KAT:
  1. She needs a refresher on the perils of excessive use of exclamation marks
  2. Her overuse of above mentioned exclamation marks indicates a strong genetic link to her mother!!!!!
  3. Her future as a barrister is looking brighter every day :)
  4. She has mastered the art of the 'persuasive text'....what's next when you're 11?
  5. I am so going to get revenge when she has her own children and tells them to 'google it' (or the technological equivalent at that time)
  6. Hang on why wait til then, I'll be whipping out this palm card (what the above was written on) at her 21st!
Have a great weekend :)


  1. Heh, heh, it's definitely one to keep! Why won't you help her mum!!!!!! The angst!!!!!!! x

  2. Hmmm...good use of emotive and modal language...(I should...I need); overuse of exclamation marks does indicate the need to experiment further with punctuation...but she IS only 11. Well done K.

  3. Oh, and use of the personal pronoun in persuasive writing is very effective at involving the reader. so top marks for that K.

  4. Thanks for that Auntie Sara - I shall pass on the assessment :)


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