Thursday, November 24, 2011

Favourite Things - November

It's been a long time between 'Favourite Things' posts...sorry folks!

This month it's just ONE favourite thing - my new pinboard and shelves.  A project designed and executed by moi with the able and enthusiastic support and help of Saint Mike!

This is what it looked like before....

BIG window looking out onto our neighbor's house and our fence...not exactly a postcard view!!!  We used to have a blind here that we put down at night to save anyone embarrassment but it was removed during the kitchen reno's and I quite liked it without a blind...but I didn't like the view.

So with no intention of removing/filling in/replacing the sash was desperately in need of a solution.

Knowing that I am now an expert in the use of my trusty staple gun...and having made do without a pinboard here (if I haven't already mentioned it, this is our desk/work area) I decided that a pinboard running the width of the lower sashes was the order of the day!!

The yan to my yin (noticeboard) was shelves to store all the CRAP that accumulates on the workspace...not too high that we couldn't reach them easily (I hate having to get the step ladder) and sturdy enough that I could also put some herbs in pots up there as it's the perfect sunny spot for them!!!

90 minutes at Bunnings with KAT3 and I had all my supplies...over the weekend, SM and I got to work....voila...DONE!

I should say that it's not 'styled' in any way shape or form....but I love it just the same...and the pot plants are on my list to do!!!!

It has made such a difference to our use of the space and I love the colors in the fabric (as you know, a bit of a penchant for greens and blues!!!)

Hope you like our handiwork??


  1. It has form & function, well done & no doubt, transforms the room. Great work, love the greens, very tranquil & i bet you get tonnes of work done there. Now i'm off to use the treadmill & ice my hands, just as Dr Lib ordered. Love Posie

  2. Cool idea Lib. Great use of a "wasted" space.

  3. It looks great- very practical and great use of space. Much better than looking at a fence!


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