Friday, February 24, 2012

Grateful for gazing and glimpsing

On my Saturday morning pilgramage to meet Saint Mike and the KATs at the pool, I get to wander through some of the most gorgeous streets in I'm grateful for the glimpses I get to enjoy and the gazing that makes my walk one of the highlights of my week :))

I'll let the images speak for themselves in this post.....

this house is high on the hill and faces directly into the morning sun.........sublime!

I adore the detail of the architecture of this old beauty :)

some more majestic old architecture

how gorgeous is this ironwork!!!

takes almost an hour and then I get to gaze at this!

our home away from home

Thanks Bron for reminding me to be grateful....for more Grateful posts pop over the Maxabella Loves and make some friends :))


  1. Little sneaky peeks at other people's lives are one of my favourite things. There are many very grand homes around my area too and I have often been caught gazing up at them - clocking the fretwork and looking for little ideas that might work at my place (one day!).

    This is such a lovely walk for you - an hour is perfect and there are so many beautiful sights along the way. Then you arrive at one of my favourite Sydney spots. (Luna Park!?) x

  2. What a gorgeous walk and so many beautiful sights for you. Thanks for sharing x

  3. Wonderful grateful pics :)

  4. Ooohhh! I love that pool, love it, love it!! We used to live near there, on the other side and we spent many, many happy times there... and also MANY years ago I used to live near there and swam there a lot. And the wee park with the tall palm trees is glorious. I used to long to live on that park and when we were looking for a house, I leafletted all the homes on the park to see if anyone wanted to sell. No luck... and now look at us, miles away in the Forest/Beaches area.

    Lovely to meet you via Maxabella's Grateful.

  5. Love them and makes me miss sydney a little bit - we used to live near Balmoral Beach and i have a favourite house i used to pass on the walk to the beach - next visit i am going to take photos on that walk!

  6. You have my house in your post!

    Not really ;-)

    I've been known to take pics of my fave houses... and when I do I feel like an intruder!

  7. And what view you end up with at that pool! So jealous!


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