Thursday, February 9, 2012

the basics escape me

Most of the time I masquerade as a perfectly competent adult, parent, wife, friend/foe. 

Why then am I completely incapable of managing the basics in my house? 

Last night for the fifty billionth (okay slight exaggeration) Saint Mike had to make a run to the supermarket to pick up bread and milk.

How can I manage to go out multiple times a day and be either in or near a shop just as many times and yet fail to remember to stock up on these essentials???

I'd like to say this just makes me a 'big picture' person.......................but reality is that it just makes me a crap housewife!!! 

Truthfully, it's just the tip of the iceberg.  I am a serial offender at the 'leaving the house looking a shambles' including unmade beds, dishes not loaded into the dishwasher, clothes in piles on the floor.......I could go on.

Most of the time this doesn't bother me, but occasionally I get really pissed off at myself and want to give myself a big smack!

Today however, I can't be bothered doing that so instead I'll just blog about it :)

Is it only me that forgets the basics?


  1. See, these are your 'things I cannot buy' items. At least you are clean. x

  2. Washing the kids bedding. That's the one I forget. Putting a new fitted sheet on the top bunk is a nightmare!

  3. Hmmmm... Think I might be the PERFECT housewife (ha!) ner...(tongue out). xxx

    Honestly...ditto what Tonia said. Sometimes Tom's white fitted sheet is grey under where he has his head, and the smell of Henry's sheet is not to be believed! However - I must keep on top of the laundry for fear of going slightly insane if it piles up...


  4. i only make the beds when we get back from school at 4.00pm so it looks like i did something.( dont tell on me)!!
    a useful piece of advice my Mother in law gave me and as you know she was a stay at home mum.
    Always leave some housework undone or wait to do in front of the Husband. If they came home to a perfect house every day, they would think its an easy thing to achieve. ( and we know its not ) Plus as pretty as a tidy house is , its better to leave it as an occasional treat for ourselves. Plus there is no glory in housework. ITs always waiting for us in one format or the other, so sometimes its good to let it wait.


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