Sunday, February 26, 2012

A blue day - time for some favourite things

For lots of reasons I'm having a 'blue' day.

I've put my back out and am in quite a bit of pain. 

I think we all have an 'achilles heel' and mine is my lower back.  I've been lucky with it for months so can't complain I suppose....but it really hurts and the sciatic pain that has hitched a ride is even more annoying!

To cheer myself up I've been playing with my new iPhone and using Instagram to capture a couple of images that are making me cheerful. 

As you know, I love a little blue and green and this little vignette above is my favourite at the moment :)  The lamp is a very special piece that my mum has passed onto is at least as old as me and may possibly be buried with me I love it that much!!  The vases are a Freedom purchase and the fabric wall art in the background is a Designers Guild fabric I had stretched over a frame many years ago.

The hall stand is something I painted a while ago in a lovely Porters Paints used to be a stained timber the same as the sideboard and I decided it needed a change :)

My latest DIY has been our coffee table...I'm not quite done but here's a sneek peek!!

Like the hall stand, it was previously stained but years of little ones using it as a drawing and craft surface had left it a little worse for wear!  I've stripped it, sanded it and used a Porters wood wash to give it a distressed 'coastal' look.

I started this project about three weeks ago (impulsively which is usual for me!!!) and I still need to do the drawers then I can show you it in its full glory :))

May take another three weeks for that to happen...........

Just doing this post has cheered me up...I know they're just 'things' but I'm a creative person and playing with these things brings me pleasure.


  1. Oh my goodness, hope you are feeling better soon! :(

  2. Glad I managed to find you again! I know what you mean about creative pastimes helping to cheer you up. Hope your back is better soon!

  3. Yes I should have said how I hunted you down again... actually was looking at an old post of mine where you'd commented as Crepe Expectations and just clicked on your profile - and there was your blog! I'd wondered for a while where you'd got to!

  4. Your home is so beautiful. I hope your back is now beautiful too. x


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