Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Magic of Tim

Last Saturday morning our family were part of a truly magical experience.

We had the absolute joy of being photographed by Tim Coulson.  Here is a few of the magical images he captured forever................

This is only a sample....if you want to you can check out the rest here.

Tim is just about the nicest, sweetest, kindest bloke I've ever met (after Saint Mike of course).  He's having a baby soon and that baby is surely blessed to be scoring him as it's daddy!

What I love about these shots is that Tim captured the essence of us as a family.  It's a special thing and I love that we will be able to look back on these shots in the future and feel immersed in the time and place all over again :)

As you can see, we didn't get all gussied up for our shoot....I wanted it to be au naturale.  On reflection, that was possibly a strategic error on my part as I at least would have liked to have not looked so bulgy and post-exercisy!!  Everyone else looks fantastic but me.............hmmmmnnnn voice in the head has been having a field day.

Don't despair dear readers (and don't feel the need to say nice things about me!!!) as I've told 'the voice' to rack off as I look HAPPY and content and that is way more important than looking like a Stepford wife :))

I pondered getting Tim to shoot our family for months....I'm so glad I contacted him.  A stroke of brilliance for sure!!!

North Sydney pool was the location, it's been an important thread in the fabric of our family life since Oldest KAT was 18mths old...all our KAT's have learnt to swim in the shadow of the Harbour Bridge.  It is a place of history, character and ambience and our Saturday mornings there have been a constant during good times and bad over the last ten years.  A perfect place to capture the KATs!!


  1. Lovely pics...Tim takes very cool the coat hanger in the background!!

  2. Oh don't regret your chosen attire - you look glorious. These photos are some of Tim's to important matters - which ones are you going to frame and hang on the wall? Decisions, decisions.

    Tim is absolutely lovely, isn't he?!

    Enjoy your Sunday...and lovely to 'meet' you via your blog x

  3. woo hoo. i loved meeting you guys. you are so awesome for choosing a place like this. sending you happiness and love:)


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