Tuesday, February 14, 2012

An eventful day

I'm about to juxtapose two incidents that could not be more different if I tried.......bear with me, it's worth it:)

Today was a special day for our oldest KAT. 

The Year 6 class were presented with their leadership badges at a special 'god bothering' ceremony (ie Mass for you non-Catholics out there).

Accompanying their 'buddies' in Kindy, the Year 6 class processed into the church to the tune of a lovely song "Welcome To The Family".  It has the makings of a tear-jerker if you're that way inclined when your little ones start school!

Oldest KAT was simply radiating happiness and the pride and sense of achievement that all the Year 6's possessed was palpable...it is definitely a big deal being the school leaders and having their moment up on the altar after all the years leading up to it where they were just observers.

Net result:  Happy child + proud parents (daddy even made the time to attend which is a HUGE ask given the pressure he's under at work) = a great morning :)

Fast forward to school pickup and I added to the 'eventfulness' quotient of the day by taking on a driver who propped at a T intersection at the bottom of the street near school.  She was attempting to turn right and enter the pickup line for the private school down and around the next corner....and was going nowhere fast whilst she held up a line of traffic who just wanted to get the hell out of there!

Instead of 'poking' her nose out to alert the other queue of cars that she wanted to get over (which is appropriate driving behaviour in the 'world' I inhabit) she just propped....

and propped.


Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd propped!!!!!

After over five minutes of this I decided enough was enough. 

I leaped purposefully out of my car, ran up to her window (she was two cars in front of me) and insisted that she 'ENTER.THE.INTERSECTION' and stop holding up the traffic.

I did not swear.
I did not use inappropriate language.
I did NOT shout (although my capitals above may suggest I actually wanted to!!!)
In short I did NOT abuse her (even though I reeeeaaallly wanted to!!!!)

I was simply assertive in a bossy, 'get your stupid car out of the way' fashion.....................................

She advised me that I was "rude" and there was no need to speak to her "that way".  I felt like telling her 'lady you should count yourself lucky'!!!!

Instead I turned and bolted back to my car, ignoring the look of shock on the faces of the other drivers (who may or may not have been parents at the school we attend!!!)

Anyhoo, by the time I had my seatbelt on she had made a move, so my little piece of assertiveness had done the trick :)

Did I feel mortified and ashamed of my behaviour?  NO!!!!! 
Did I get a giggle out of the fact that a mother at school who is one of those passive-aggressive types who acts nice but in fact loves to look down her nose at me witnessed the incident................YES!!!!

Ladies who feel the need to bitch about my behaviour...................Bite my roomy butt :)) 

Life is too short for useless drivers and I've got too much to do than wait around whilst they get their act together!

An eventful day indeed!  Are you with me or against me peeps??


  1. definitely with - It wasn't until i started the school pick up and drop off routine that i encountered people for whom they think the road rules do not apply.

    score one for the rest of us :)

  2. Hahaha I did something similar at the beach recently. I was waiting for someone to pull out of a parking so I could pull in and this woman went in ahead of me.

    It was a very hot day and I had been looking for a park for ages so I hopped out of the car and told her so, She was an older lady I think she probably thought I would scratch her car if she didn't move so she promptly left and I was on a high the rest of the day.

    I felt a bit scared and mean though.


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