Wednesday, February 1, 2012

dipped and stripped

Having successfully offloaded my children to either daycare or school this week I have done what any women with the means and inclination does with her free time................I booked in for a dip and strip.

A dip and what I hear you asking!

This is my description of what happens when you make a booking at your favourite 'Beautician' or Aesthetisist if you're Septic Tank (American).

I describe it thus as it feels thus when I am lying on the table in my not-quite nana knickers and over the shoulder boulder holder brassiere and the lovely lass proceeds to dip her little paddle pop stick into the wax goop before slathering it all over my ample calves and then ripping it off with all the enthusiasm she can muster!!!!!

This is either before or sometimes after she has applied the same focus and attention to my poor unsuspecting eyebrows and even worse my bikini line!

The only reason my bikini line got a look in by the way is because I have the Cole Classic this Sunday and I have to spend an inordinate amount of time milling around in my speedos without even a towel to cover my modesty (or more truthfully my cellulite). 

Unlike Samantha Jones (Sex & The City) who could be on "death row and not have that 'situation' I dip and strip that portion of my body as rarely as possible!!!!

Anyway, back to the big picture.......................

How is it that we can be in the most excuciatingly embarrassing positions (think about it ladies who have had bikini waxes!!!) and still manage to explore all the usual conversation topics without blinking an eye-lid (actually I couldn't have done that literally as they were being tinted at the same time)??

The great thing about the month of February apart from the obvious (kids back at school) is that I can dip and strip to my hearts content as I'm using one of my prizes from the Weight Loss Challenge :)

Now.............if only I was hairier I'd get more value out of this prize.  Unfortunately, my body hair is the proverbial tortoise and I usually go MONTHS between dips and strips.

I may have to reconsider my position on Brazilians perhaps!!!!!

Are you familiar with the discomforts of the dip and strip?  How often do you bare your hair??


  1. Hahaha!! Yes, nothing like a good tidy up! x

  2. Unfortunately? I'm pretty sure you are very fortunately to not need the dipping and the stripping more often! Good luck in the Cole Classic, Lib! How cool are you!?

    Actually, I'm a bit worried about the water temp out there... you might be even cooler than I think you are! x


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