Sunday, January 29, 2012

Whimpering, whining, weeing and wagging

Tonight is our third night with our new family member.

Somewhat surprisingly given the amount of "affection" she has been receiving, she seems to be quite the happy little camper. 

As a novice in the dog-owning department I am basing this on the number of times I spot her jauntily prancing around the house with her tail wagging vigorously.  Our family did have a dog when I was little but I fail to remember taking any responsibility for short of obvious signs of an anxiety attack, I'm figuring a wagging little tail is a good sign!

The whimpering and whining would be after she's shut up in her little 'crate' for night-night and decides that it's really not that much fun and in true puppy fashion decides to whimper and whine ad long this goes on is anyones guess as I've been putting ear plugs in and SM puts a pillow over his head and after 3 children who were also once babies has not forgotten how to sleep through this sort of caper.

So to the glee of my younger sister we can now add 'puppy sleep-nazi's' to our resume....we were unashamedly sleep nazi's when it came to controlled crying of the KATs and have three good sleepers for the pleasure!!!

Our little furball doesn't realize who she's up against :)

Finally, the weeing.  Yes, there's copious amounts of the stuff....we're off to puppy school in a couple of weeks at which time I expect to take this in hand and take advice on the matter!!  In the meantime, bedrooms with carpet are generally off limits to Sally (yes that's what she's being called thankfully...Salvadore or Salvadora is only uttered occasionally).

Am I happy with the arrival of the furball?  You betcha...she's delightful, delicious and totally adorable :)


  1. Oh Lib, you've brought back memories of our first nights with the family puppy back in 1985. I remember we were told to wrap up an alarm clock (ie the ticking kind) in a blanket and lay it under him so that it mimicked his mother's heartbeat. It seemed to help in those early days. And as for the wee on carpets, we always doused it with soda water which took away both the stain and the smell. See if that works for you! J x

  2. Sweet, just like having a baby really :)

  3. Sounds like a very lucky little puppy!

  4. Oh so the sleep crying techniques don't work on the puppy?? Oh dear, i used controlled crying on my 4 children & ditto, great sleepers, including me!! We've had 2 German Shepherds in 15 years & they seemed to be like the children, when they joined us at 8 weeks, they were also sleeping through the night (& day) as they grew into their paws.
    Have you tried the hot water bottle, ticking clock & toys that smell like you & the chldren??
    As for wee, somehow our puppies arrived toilet trained, small mercy, we've never had an indoor wee or poo, super lucky.
    Anyway, hello, how are you, sorry it's been so long, world's longest school holidays & still counting, love Posie


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