Friday, January 6, 2012

Grateful for my First Mate

The truly divine Ms M has launched her bid to conquer the world of Kidspot as of next I am soooooo pleased to do my last Grateful in the hallowed ground that is Maxabella loves :)

For my contribution this week I am once again going to wax lyrical in praise of my very own Captain Von Trapp (AKA Saint Mike). 

Today's post is putting the cart before the horse though because I know that tomorrow I'm going to be blogging about my "word of 2012" along with all the other devoted subjects of Maxabella you shall have to click back in 24hours to put today's post into context!!!

I am terribly, utterly and entirely grateful for the support of Saint Mike. 

If I have any hope to make 2012 the year to be daring and audacious I need to know that I have a safe pair of hands on standby for those times when I am sure to stumble.

He was willing to take a risk on me when we met and he continues to take a risk on me and my choices every time he's asked to.  He is a fantastic First Mate on my voyage through life....although I think he secretly considers himself the Captain of our vessel!!

He endures my financial ineptitude, my inability to stick to a budget and the perennial black hole that is my bank account.

He supports me in my numerous dalliances with depression in the last ten years and whilst understanding my desire to withdraw from the world to a certain extent, never allows me to withdraw from "us"....because maintaining that connection and reminding me how important I am to him and to our girls is what has kept me tethered to life at those bleak times.
His unwavering loyalty and confidence in me gives me the freedom to make choices in my life that I may otherwise be unable to even consider.

It is fitting therefore that my first grateful post for 2012 is dedicated to him. 

Thank you my darling husband :) 


  1. Just loo at him there like a human play gym! Just gorgeous. And you are too kind, Lib. I'm so glad we met. x

  2. what a gorgeous family! Sounds like you found a great first mate

  3. That is so lovely to read, what a wonderful grateful!

  4. Just beautiful :) lovely thing to be so grateful for.

  5. This is such a gorgeous post!! You obviously have a lovely lovely hubby.. very lucky... and so nice to dedicate this post to him.. plus the picture is divine too!

  6. Oh Lib. Such a moving post. Thank goodness for our brilliant husbands who stand by us throughout the trial that is depression. Bravo, Saint Mike! J x


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