Sunday, January 15, 2012

Strange & Delusional Holiday Ideas

Odd what sleeping in a different bed, showering in different water and consuming way too much food that has been 'off' the list for a few months can do to one's thought processes.

For approximately 48hours last week I was seriously attempting to talk Saint Mike (via telephone of course) into acquiring a 9 bedroom motel in a central Victorian town.

Can I say this reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyy loudly before you all smack me metaphorically over the head:


Anyhoo, reality set in at about the 24hour mark but it took at least another 24 hours before I completely came to my senses and realized that:

a. we couldn't afford it
b. we really couldn't afford it
c. my sanity and the sanity of SM (which hangs by even more of a thread than mine does) couldn't afford it!!

I think it was the drive through the verdant lushness that is the South Coast of New South Wales that lulled me into a 'treechangy' sort of mood.

Although, to be honest I really don't know....perhaps SM's mid life crisis (he freely admits he's having one in a very 'contained' and inwardly focused way) that is rubbing off on me.

Back to reality - two weeks before school starts that time we will be:
  1. Spending the rest of the week catching up with family and friends and generally mooching around my mum's house
  2. Drive 10 hours straight back to Sydney with SM helpfully sharing the load (he's flying down to Melbourne so he can drive back with us).  The down-side as far as the KATs are concerned is that daddy is a meanie and doesn't do stop-overs so there will be no motel shenanigans for us on the trip home (boo hoo!!)
  3. more words required :)
  4. Acquire a puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yes there will be more words on this one next the moment all I can say is Oh.My.God!!!!!
  5. Do the back to school shopping (repeat O.M.G.!!!!!)
  6. Wean myself off chocalate teddy bear biscuits :))
Whooooooo (that was a big sigh)....I am sooooooooooooo looking forward to the next couple of weeks!!


  1. Sounds wonderful....BASILLLLLL...lov me some old Faulty Towers re runs :0

  2. I love dreaming of the treechange, but then reality sets in and I realise that it is nice to visit with the idea, but also nice to come home.


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