Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hanging with the girls

The KATs and I are away on a Girl Power roadtrip.

We'll be away from home for two weeks.

We spent three days driving down to nana's house outside Melbourne.

We stayed in motels and swam in motel pools.  The height of excitement to the KATs is a motel room....Saint Mike and I are doing well maintaining their low expectations of holidays!!!!

We drove via the coastal route (Princes Highway).  Windy roads and scenic vistas amidst the gorgeous Southcoast of New South Wales.

We sang along to our iPod jam-packed with our favourite tracks.  An eclectic mix ranging from Seeker.Lover.Keeper to Glee!!!!

The big girls read "Gangsta Granny" by David Walliams aloud....a hilarious book!!!  We loved it so much we decided to save the second half for the drive home.

Driving, laughing, teasing, occasionally bickering....everything you would expect from a roadtrip!

Saint Mike is 'batch'ing it at home, doing the daddy thing and keeping the money rolling in!

We're off tomorrow for four days up in 'Spa Country' - Daylesford and Hepburn Springs.  We're staying here.  It will be lovely :)

I will be in radio silence until we get back.....

Hope you miss me :))


  1. Oh my goodness... that sounds like a lot of fun. Something I'm looking forward to when my girls are a little older. Enjoy! gxo

  2. What a lovely idea for you and your girls, Lib. Of course you will be missed. Enjoy yourselves immensely! x


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