Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Daring myself to be 'more than I can be'

Being a couple of years on the dark side of 40 brings its own mental challenges when it comes to welcoming in a new year. 

I'm old enough (note I didn't say wise enough) not to be rushing headlong down the path of overcommitment in the new year's resolution department!

But I'm optimistic enough to think that there's still room for improvement in the old personal growth department :)

I must say I am feeling a bit pleased with myself that I've made such good inroads in the weight loss arena and that I'm not coming out of the starting blocks in this area.

I'm metaphorically rounding the top of the 200 metre curve and heading into the back straight - need to tweak my 'line' and maintain good form so I'll be in a position to hug the final curve in preparation for giving it my all to make it to the finish line.

With this in mind, I'm in the process of refining my eating to get back on track in a way that will get me to my next 'goal' which I plan to hit by mid Feb.  I'd like to lose another 6 kilos which will get me into the low 20kg total weight loss department.

I'm challenging myself physically to dare myself to be 'more than I can be' by entering a 6.5km fun run the day before the Cole Classic where I will swim in the 1km Ocean Swim (the previous 2 years I've done the 2km but haven't spent as much time in the pool recently so am going to do the 1km and enjoy myself!!!)

Jogging or running of any description is outside my comfort zone.  I am a 'shuffler' from way back...since giving jogging a go in my early 20's my self talk has always been that I'm never going to have the effortless loping style of a real runner....a shuffle is as good as it gets.

In recent weeks I've forced myself to overcome the negative thinking and just give it a go....and amazingly, because my fitness is so good at the moment and my strength is in such a good place too, I have surprised myself.

I've been using a mantra that feels really right - "be more than you think you can be" and it's working.  In the last week I've completed multiple runs of over 5km each.  I've interspersed this with swimming 1.5km in the pool easily and doing a bodypump class today using weights I've never used before in a pump class. 

I may be on the dark side of 40 but I really feel like I'm in the best place I've been fitness-wise since I was in university.

I'll keep you posted on my progress in this next 'stage'!  Next up will be a new 'shot' to add to the gallery in the pantry to mark the beginning of this next phase....I will share it with you so you can see how I'm holding up post the festive season of excess!!!!!

Good luck to any of you that are embarking on your own 'project me' in 2012 :)


  1. Your shuffle is a whole lot faste than just sitting on your butt! Go you!! x

  2. Well done Lib. You are a real star! Keep at it. You are doing it for both of us!

  3. Inspiring!

    I've just embarked on c25k and it is my goal to run (okay shuffle) 5kms without stopping.

    I'm looking at entering the run for the kids in April to have a goal to look forward to.


  4. Good on ya Lib, I did a 4km jog on Tuesday and have booked in to do a half marathon, well it's 4 km Mothers Day thing with a friend. Keep up that great effort. Looking forwrad to being inspired by you!


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