Monday, April 15, 2013

Grape dipping baskets as planters

True to my word I am posting some shots of my latest revamp - the rusty grape dipping baskets transformed.

I love rusty and authentic but unfortunately they were making a mess of our new travertine and I was finding their rustiness a little wearing!

I lined the bottom and sides with mesh to stop the soil escaping and used that coconut stuff to insulate them (mental blank - cannot remember the proper name for it!)
The painting involved a good undercoat with a Dulux rustproof spray paint and then white enamel spray paint.

The plants are a mix of hardy species which should handle the lack of attention they are sure to get:) I've used pebbles as mulch to complement the travertine.

I may buy some more of them online (I've seen them on eBay) and keep them in their rusty and weathered state for use in the back garden but for the purposes of the front porch these are ticking all the right boxes!

For the record, on eBay you can buy them for $10 - $15 Sydney at the Murobond store in Artarmon they were selling them for $60 each!!!

It feels good to have gotten one project out of the way:) Thoughts anyone?

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