Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Long Time Gone

As those cool Dixie Chicks' say I've been a long time gone!

It hasn't been a conscious thing, more a result of circumstance (health issues). Although I haven't been visible there has been a LOT going on behind the scenes!

Thankfully I have been surrounded by support from family and friends which has made a difficult few months much easier to manage.

Fortunately with the term coming to a close things are on the up and up! Last Friday we celebrated a family wedding and I was full of pride at my three gorgeous KATs.

Oldest KAT was a flowergirl (more Junior bridesmaid as she was as tall as the bridesmaids). Stunning is my only did I produce such beauty?

On the DIY front I have had time to consider my new venture and have a little renaming in the wind...more news to follow! For now here are a couple of my projects to whet your appetite:

Picked this up locally...solid and in good nick and bonus is a matching "hutch" that sits on top. Thinking I'm going to paint it white and the back of the shelves in the hutch a pale blue. Knobs will be replaced and may find some map paper to line the drawers!
Does this picture piqué your interest? The metal baskets are popping up all over the place for varying amounts...I have three of them and have been admiring them in their rustic (rusty) form but have decided to give them an overhaul and use them as planters on the to come:)

So that about covers it! Life is good, school holidays are beckoning and I've got heaps more energy!


  1. Welcome back. Hope the health issues are all behind you. The girls look gorgeous!


  2. Glad to see you are back to blogging and feeling better. Great photos of your gorgeous girls. All the best for your next projects.


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