Saturday, April 20, 2013

Paint Chip Circle Garland DIY

As you know I've got a bit of a crafty bent.
On one of my many trips to Bunnings I had the urge to collect (or should that be pilfer) some of the paint colour cards in my favourite tones of blues and greens.
I had an inkling they would be put to some crafty pursuit.
Having admired the many garlands strewn around Pinterest I decided a paint chip garland was just what the house of KATcapers needed!
My circle punch came in very handy for this activity.
Youngest KAT gave invaluable assistance pairing up the circles as I whizzed them through the sewing machine...the perfect opportunity to begin her education in tone and colour combining!
I used orange thread to add a bit of a punch.

I'm liking my garland draped on the Expedit may end up adorning the window in the lounge...only time will tell.

Cheery and bright and just our style. Verdict?

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