Friday, June 24, 2011

Grateful for my very own Captain Von Trapp

Is it just me or does every girl need their very own Captain Von Trapp? 

I'm sure there's some thesis out there in the academic world on him as a symbol of female oppression and perhaps he does have some slightly misogynist traits (we won't even go near the whistle) but I choose to only focus on his admirable traits!

So I am therefore very grateful that I have been blessed with my very own Captain Von Trapp, 'SM'.  He has all Georg's (that would be pronounced 'ghee-org' for those non-S.o.M. fans) bestest qualities:

  1. He has done the equivalent of walking over the Swiss Alps with me, supporting me through many years of up's and down's since the birth of our three girls....a lesser man would have jumped into his benz convertable and run for the same hills
  2. He's equally versatile in the musical department (although cannot play the guitar), he can sing along to just about anything in full voice whether it's a Glee showtune, a Wiggles number, a Bon Jovi standard or his own signature tune "Rainbow Connection" (he actually owns the Kermit version!)
  3. He has been blessed in the height department and knows the perfect time to offer his shoulder to his very own Maria to lean on it heavily
  4. He's loyal to the end, no matter how many metaphorical curtains I turn into frocks (this translates to any number of questionable decisions in my life), he can always manage to smile and tell me it will be okay
  5. He rocks a suit - work or dinner suit...if ever there was a man that belonged in uniform it's my very own Captain Von Trapp
So on my first occasion of doing the fab Maxabella's Grateful blog hop, I celebrate him in all his unique and special forms - husband, father, best friend and the horizontal tango companion that he is!!

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  1. I confess to welling up a little as I read this. So beautiful! And what a grand entrance to Grateful!!! x


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