Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Decorating Continuum

I'm conflicted.  That's a big statement for a Thursday morning isn't it.  Don't worry, it's not a human drama type's more the run-of-the-mill "being true to me" sort of conflict.

The Backstory
Recently, SM and I decided to put on ice our grand renovation plans.  Note the lack of a link to a post on the subject?  Ha ha, as I'm still in the "fresh new blog" stage...these backstories are yet to be written!

In lieu of doing the major reno, we decided to refresh our current environment and have been doing some painting and minor decorating projects.  I have a complete blog post in my head about the trials and tribulations of picking the 'right' white....but as many others are more qualified than I have covered this topic it shall probably never be typed! 

Suffice to say that when we bought our house over four years ago now, we picked the WRONG was more clotted (bordering on slightly spoiled) cream than white and over the years had taken on the hue of walls that endured a resident with a pack-a-day habit...yellowing and quite depressing!

We're now half way through painting the rooms and are now awash in Dulux Natural White 50% which has proven to be a much wiser choice of white for our house and the light it is blessed to receive.

Back To The Dilemma
As the drop sheets and paint brushes are relegated to the disaster zone that is our back patio I am gripped with the urge to do a little bit of "redecorating".  Another blog post to come will explore my frequent and sudden urges to move the furniture around, relocate pictures and dustables and generally recreate our space...this urge can strike with terrifying (to SM) speed and usually involves employing SM in the guise of my personal bit of muscle to get things moved to where I want them....only to move them again in what seems to him like a nanosecond!!

This time, my redecorating urge has been accompanied by a desire to "simplify" our space (sounds wanky doesn't it) and I have been toying with the idea of toning down my usually fairly wanton use of color.  I am becoming a bit addicted to websites that use a lot of white, tone on tone type of decorating.  However, whilst I LIKE them, I am not sure they're 'me'. 

On the continuum of decorating style (note this is not a reflection of my profiency in the area) I have the likes of Sibella Court at one end (revels in the eclectic, sticky-taping of ephermera up on my walls) and Martha Stewart at the other end (organized to an inch of my life, compulsive matcher of this and that). 

I mean no offence to either of these choices...they are both inspiring in their own way, it's just that neither of them is my 'preferred' state of being.  I think I'm loitering somewhere in the middle (why doesn't that surprise me).

If 'organized eclectic' is a tortology which I'm sure it is, that would be me!!  I don't mind a bit of ephemera but am not into sticky tape on my walls and love a bit of labelling but as I live with four completely uncoopeerative human beings (the normal state of husbands and children) it's more likely I'll remain in organized chaos than the other way round.

Depending on the day I will gravitate more to one end than the other and if you visit me frequently you would see the results!

Who's at either end of your decorating continuum?  I'd love to know!


  1. I can TOTALLY relate to this post. Half of me wants white, shiny clean surfaces; the other half wants to cram every available centimetre with STUFF and colour and FUN...

    I kinda go both ways. It doesn't look 'done', but it looks 'me'. x

  2. Oh, I just read your sidebar and that's made my night. You are very kind indeed. x


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