Sunday, March 4, 2012

lazing about

A tincy post about nothing much at all. 

Completed before the business of a new week begins to cloud the sunny skies of the weekend that was.
A recipe for a relaxing morning

No Nippers = a sleep in
A long chat with my sister in the UK
Hot coffee delivered in bed by Saint Mike straight from the cafe to moi
Hot shower uninterrupted by any small people insisting on using the loo
Sonoma soy & linseed toasted with unmentionable types of fattening spreads!!
Sitting outside in the sunshine on our deck chairs reading the paper

Too bad the rest of the day had to intrude - household chores, tidying up our back patio, traipsing off to Netball development afternoons! 

The glow of the morning persisted for quite a while though :)

Here's hoping you had an equally fine Sunday morning!  Was it as good as mine?


I looooooove comments....thank you for taking the time :)

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