Sunday, April 15, 2012

one-woman bandwagon for chrissie

The logies are always an after thought for me.  I don't watch them and I usually have minimal interest in the outcome.  This probably won't change in the near future!

However, this year I am retrospectively interested in looking at shots from the red carpet so I can see the lovely Katrina do her thang (yes thang not thing!)

In the process of trawling the interweb for shots of her (as she is yet to update her own blog!!!!!) I stumbled on shots of Chrissie Swan.

I've been warming to this lady for a while now. 

It's not because we're both from the "more than a handful" club in the boob or weight department.  It's more because she calls a spade a shovel (like me) and writes with wit and candour in her column for Sunday Life (even though this publication is the source of much blogworld anger today!).

Her dress last night is lovely (in my opinion) and I think she looked radiant...I'm such a sucker for a midnight blue frock:)

That's it, I want to sign up for her fan club!  Now!!

Now if only Katrina would put us out of our misery and do a post on her evening I could move on and forget about the Logies!

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  1. Im with you Libby thought Chrissy looked lovely and was funny when presenting...breath of fresh air...only wish I got her radio show up here :0


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