Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Shenanigans

Easter 2012 is over but it's chocky delights are going to be hanging around for a while I think.

We had a stay at home weekend. Equal parts relaxing around the house, catching up with friends and participating in the craziness that is the Sydney Easter Show!

These shots are from our visit to Littlest KATs godmother on Sunday morning for an Easter egg hunt.  We love her to death (godmother that is) but she did go a tad over the top in the egg department...for our three KATs there was enough to feed an entire orphanage!!!  A great time was had hunting down every last one of those little suckers!

Even our Oldest KAT, approaching 12 got into the fun...may she stay this young for a long time:)

Combined with their haul from the Easter Bunny, our KATs have more than their fair share of chocolate.  I am fully intending to surreptitiously remove some of it over the next few days...a few little eggs here and there so that slightly less is consumed!!!

I hope you all had a lovely Easter :)


  1. Sounds like a great Easter weekend and it looks like the kids had a ball. xx


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