Friday, April 6, 2012

a bit of drive-in fun

We're off to the drive-in tonight.

It's an annual road-trip we do with the KATs.

Over an hour to get there...Blacktown is a bit of a trek from the Northern Beaches:)

The back of the territory won't look as glam as this although nana's quilts will definitely be along for the ride!  We pack the trundle mattress and when the girls get tired they climb over the back and go off to sleep.

Although this is a retro thing to do, we don't behave like our authentic retro parents....we do wake them to put them in their seatbelts for the drive home :)

Snacks and dinner will be bought from home.  This is not an indication of their healthiness just an indication of the fact we know how overpriced the food is at the Drive-In!!!

We're also taking our gorgeous chairs...there will be fight I'm sure to see who bags them:)

Hope you're having a nice Easter long weekend whatever you're doing.....


  1. Oh what FUN! My brother and I rolled around in the back of the Holden Kingswood station wagon so many times in our childhood on the way home from the drive in. It's something i've always wanted to do with my daughter too. You've inspired me to look up our 'local' drive in (probably a good 45 mins from our place) this holidays. Have fun.
    PS; am seriously, SERIOUSLY coveting those deckchairs!

  2. I love the packed car! Reminds me of days gone by. Oh the fun we had riding around in the back of a station wagon.


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