Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy birthday to our very own saint

Today is a special day.  It's Saint Mike's birthday.

We won't discuss his age, it's not considered polite conversation!

I told him yesterday that we were going to celebrate in a style that befitted him as a young at heart man of action....even if that's not exactly how he's feeling at this particular juncture given the amount of stress he's been under of late:)

So we hired a double kayak with a child seat for the youngest KAT and set off at 8am from the Spit to Balmoral...a leisurely paddle of about 25minutes.

Our older two KATs are returning today from Melbourne where they've been hanging out with their nana (my mum), cousins, aunt and uncle and having a super-dooper trip unencumbered by their parents!!

Anyway, back to our birthday adventure...

Once back on dry land I adjourned the beach briefly to purchase coffees and egg and bacon rolls (plus a chocky croissant for youngest KAT) and we sat and enjoyed a magnificent morning looking out towards the Sydney Harbour Heads.

When the rigours of life are getting us down we've always found respite in admiring this view and today was no different.

We paddled, we sang, we ate, we drank, we relaxed and we celebrated a special day for a very special husband, daddy, bestie and all round Saint :)

Once back home I have made a yummy stuffing, stuffed it up the clacker of a chook and made a birthday an hour or so we'll head off to the airport to pick up our unaccompanied minors and then come home to our building site of a home and get that bird a cookin!! 

Oh and there will be a few pressies for SM to unwrap:))

Youngest KAT having a great time making a kayak in the sand!


  1. You really earned that egg and bacon roll. Happy Birthday to Mike!

  2. Well, happy birthday, Saint Mike! What a gorgeous way to celebrate. Mr PB and I did that once before we arrived on Planet Baby and it was fabulous. Nifty idea, Lib! J x

  3. A good relationship means that everything else is going to be okay.

    He's a good man, your man. x


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