Tuesday, May 1, 2012

bursting out

This wallpaper is currently winging it's way over to me from the US.  I bought a few metres of it on Etsy and am going to paper the wall outside our bathroom with it.

I am super excited about it.

The colors are just up my alley and as it's only a feature wall I figure I can get rid of it in a month if I hate it.

We're currently in reno mode and our bathroom and laundry are in various states of demolition and construction. 

As with all reno projects it's had it's moments but I am not going to dwell on the low points as we've waited five years to do something...anythin in the reno arena so I'm not looking the reno gift-horse in the mouth:)

My vision for the bathroom is a wall of green mosaics something in this tone

But only one wall - the one facing you...the other three walls and the face of the bath are in lovely big (30x60) white tiles. 

The laundry is accessed through a door adjacent to the alcove where the wallpaper will hang and it's splashback is going to be the same type of mosaic but in a lovely yellow something like this pantone color

I think the ladies at the tile shop were even more excited than me about my color choices...they get a bit bored with all the people wanting Hampton-style neutral blah (no offence).

I was on the phone to my sister in the UK this morning and I could tell my colour choices (as well as the planned use of wallpaper are not her cup of tea!!!!) 

In case you're wondering, Saint Mike is with me when I talk about wanting to create a 'happy' and energised space for our KATs...I have no room in my life for blah and he is totally on board (maybe a bit fearful of the yellow tiles in the laundry but it's just a splashback!!!)


  1. Heeellloooo! You firstly had me at the wallpaper, then you got me again on the green mosaics, then you just went and topped me off with the yellow.....those colours and I am in heaven. Good on you, one happy colour girl. I used yellow tiles in the kitchen at the fibro shack and I have painted the house a bright pastel lemon, bordering on yellow. I am with you girl.x Can't wait to see pics. x Roberta

  2. No way! We had a VERY similar wallpaper on the walls of our (shared) childhood room. LOVE! x

  3. As the sister in question you are wrong wrong wrong...I LOVE the wallpaper! And I can't wait to see pictures of the bathroom and laundry...you'll have to ask Liddy what I said about yellow...our kitchen was bright yellow when we moved in. It isn't now. Nuff said. Right room. Right colour. It wasn't the right colour! But I'm sure it will be like a ray of sunshine in the laundry, and you KNOW how much I love my new bathroom reno. Yours will rock.

    Now, stop putting words in my mouth! :-)


  4. Okay! Settle Gretel!! Thanks for the clarification:)

  5. I love that colour scheme, so colourful! And speaking of Etsy... I just visited their new Melbourne showroom this morning!! Looking forward to seeing how this happy space turns out...


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