Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Yesterday I had to make a dash to the Post Office to Express Post a birthday present for my gorgeous niece. 

The fact that yesterday was her actual birthday and strangely the present had FAILED to transport itself to the post office, hop in an envelope, address itself, stand patiently in the queue (consisting of people doing anything BUT mailing a letter or package).

There I was faffing around with which envelope I could put it in and then reaching for my pen to write the address on it.  Of course this involved some multi-tasking as I manoeuvred myself into the queue whilst simultaneously writing the address details.........................and then............

S. M. U. D. G. E.

Cack-handedness strikes again!!

The definition of this affliction is as follows:

cack-handed [ˌkækˈhændɪd]
adj Informal
1. left-handed
2. clumsy
Yes folks, I'm a Leftie (not in the political sense) but in the brain predisposition sense:)
According to that universal font of information Wikipedia, I am part of the roughly 10% of the global population that is a Southpaw.
That would be 10% of the population that spends most of their life with an ink stain on the outer edge of their left palm.
The same people that develop a look of intense concentration when mastering the opening of a can of soup!!
If they're like me, they have acquired an appreciation of the fine tip pen (which unfortunately was not what I reached for at the post office) and can wax lyrical on the annoying habit of birthday cards to be made of that cardboard with the waxy/shiny finish that makes ink slip off it like a toddlers bum on a waterslide!!!!
You can therefore imagine my frustration as I'm standing in the queue pondering the smudged address label on my Express Post satchel.  The conundrum - do I leave the queue (to get a 2nd satchel) and therefore lose my place?  After all this is a take-no-prisoners lunch-time city Post Office!!
No, instead I presented myself at the counter in due course with my ink-smudged satchel and my ink-stained hand and inside cursed the stupid felt tip pen and my cack-handedness!
Consider this the first in a series of posts on the merits and not-so-meritorious aspects of being a Leftie:)
In case you're in any doubt this is one of the not-so-meritorious (is that a word?) sides of the equation!!
Come back next Thursday for my next instalment!!!
Are there any other cack-handers out there in my readership???  Come on, out yourself!!!
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  1. hahahah! cack-handedness! who would've known there would be such a term! but even though I'm not a leftie I can pretty much do some clumsy things like that - it must have been the pressure that is the Post Office Queue!

  2. Cappers is a leftie. Maybe we should change her nickname to Cackpers? (She'll love that.) I can't fight the sneaking suspicion that she is just pretending to be a leftie... but I must. x


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