Monday, May 7, 2012

Annie's Coming My Way

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon the most amazing blog

Bec creates the most divine dresses.  She has a seemingly endless supply of fabrics and her gorgeous frocks spoke to me.

She has an etsy site and I've been hanging out for her to open it up to new customers...and the other night she did!!

I have now ordered my very own Annie dress in this fabric

I'm predicting there will lots of twirling that will happen when I'm wearing it!

I'm a bit apprehensive that it may not fit me when it arrives...but I don't think I'll's so beautiful and such an expression of my individuality that I may just be happy to hang it up on my door and stare at it:)


  1. haha, so gorgeous!! Thank-you. I will make sure you are not disappointed. xoxo

  2. that fabric is you - gorgeous

  3. Hi Libby, thank you for following my blog - mostly because it led me to yours which is lovely and interesting and funny (and well written to boot!) Following you now too. I'm really looking forward to reading more x

  4. You will look fabulous in it, absolutely stunning x

  5. oh how divine....i only found her the other night in Etsy too - it's a shame i know how to sew really, as I'd be snapping one up in a jiffy! hope yours is delightful!


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