Sunday, December 18, 2011

Doing a few laps in the pool of self-congratulation

I have learnt as a mother that things don't usually go to plan.

I probably should have learnt this particular life lesson well before having children, but having arrived at the parenting caper without this particular skill I have spent a fair amount of time attempting to feel comfortable in the "shit that really went to hell in a hand basket" zone!

Yesterday however, was one of those sunshiny parenting days where things managed to go off without a hitch.

I had Saturday to get ready for the birthday extravaganza we had organized for our Middle KAT on Sunday (note to self - plan any future parties for a Sunday and block no commitments Saturday to prepare as it really is great for not losing your mind).

Sunday morning I managed to get all the final "details" sorted with time to shower and do a passable impression of "self grooming".  I had the able assistance of my production co ordinator, Saint Mike and we managed to get kids, food, gear, decorations and all the other bits and pieces (including the KATs) loaded into the car and to the venue with our sanity completely intact and enjoying the ride!

I didn't lose the plot.....not even ONCE which is unheard of, I didn't exhibit too much extreme control enthusiast behavior and the party went off without a hitch. 

Even better than a very happy birthday girl was a very happy birthday mother who managed to get her 'table scaping' just about perfect and even managed to get photographic evidence of it.....


  1. Fabulous job, Lib! I'm not entirely sure many would approve of a post all about Mum when it's really about a birthday party but... I totally get it! Well done to you and happy birthday to the middlest Kat. x

    PS - if I don't make it back before Sunday, merry Christmas! I am so glad you made a comeback this year and I definitely think we need to meet up in the new year!! x

  2. hey everything looks great - congrats to Big Kat on her achievement at school its great she got a guernsey that is right up her alley. You should feel really good with everything you have done this month. Its an exhausting time of year without the added burden of a child's birthday ( as we both know) And i have enjoyed that your decorating skills were so well displayed. I have always been jealous of your ability to tie things together with an artistic flair- I know you don't think so but you do and do it well. I remember a cinder brick bookcase in a unit that still looked better than some crap furniture i have bought over the years , You have a flair about you.
    merry christmas to all love Raine


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