Thursday, September 27, 2012

View from the top

The KATs and I have been away for a few days on an outdoor adventure.
Our KATcapers adventure involved a girls-only road trip and then after beseeching the parking fairy (Hail Mary full of grace, please help us find a parking space) our prayers were answered.

It wouldn't be a KATcapers girlie trip without a toilet stop first would it?

And we couldn't possibly go away without Littlest KATs favorite stuffed toys!

Our adventure involved catching a ferry and then hiking 15 minutes uphill to our accommodation - the Pittwater YHA.

If you live anywhere near Sydney and want to enjoy one of the most delightful escapes right on your door step then this place is a must!

This is not your average YHA - the only backpacker we encountered arrived solo on our last day planning on staying for a few weeks and enjoying the solitude!!

The only alcohol we experienced was the bottle of wine that I shared with my sister who had joined us on our adventure!

The rowdiest behavior came courtesy of the kids marveling at the local goanna who skulked around even joining us on the verandah during breakfast.

The YHA has a quiet time from 10pm til 8pm so it was not party central:) Peace and solitude were the order of the day after an energetic day bush walking, swimming and kayaking.

My older sister has spent her adult life developing a knowledge of Australian flora and fauna that would make Steve Irwin envious (or his ghost). She is a veritable encyclopedia.
It was great to be able to share this special place with her and her gorgeous daughter, my niece and the KATs cousin.

In order to enjoy this view we hiked an hour mostly was worth it!

I'm using Blogsy for the first time to do this post...there's more photos but it keeps crashing!!!! Hmmmmnnn not a great first experience!! Have to work out how to do links etc's a work in progress!

My plan is to do an update post tomorrow....cross your fingers:))


  1. wow look at those photos! that place looks amazing and i love the idea of a girls holiday adventure! enjoy x

  2. Just fabulous, Lib. It's such a magical place up there. Yet another thing I'd like to do Mr PB and the pixies ☺. J x

  3. wow, that looks awesome! what a beautiful spot, love those hidden gems. :)sarah


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