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For me, turning 40 was a bit like clambering up the final steep stretch before the proverbial grassy meadow!  I was a teensy bit battered and bruised and fairly short of breath!

Since then, I've managed to fit in a good metaphorical 'sit down', admired the view and am now pondering the grassy meadows that are in front of me.
The last eleven years have been occupied primarily with attending to the needs of my three gorgeous little women (the KAT's) and my equally gorgeous husband, known as SM.  They are definitely my 'favourite things' in the world.

Those years have been full of so much joy and gain, but have also been fraught with sadness - the loss of 'me', the loss of my precious dad and many times where I felt like I was no longer in touch with the happy me...the me that remained was either coping or simply not coping.

I started blogging about 18mths ago, mainly to get back in touch with the 'me' that had somehow been missplaced! I try to frequently remind myself that the 'Hills' are indeed alive and that echo I hear is the sound of the 'me' that is now back on deck.

The KAT's are now 11 years old, 9 years old and 4 years old and they are changing before my eyes.  Our very own Captain Von Trapp (SM) brings up the rear, ensuring that although I may stumble, I will never fall.

I hope you enjoy my blog :)
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The Old Blog Header
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