The KAT's

It would be untrue to say that every mother feels blessed. 

Sadly there are many reasons why that is not the it for reasons of poverty or circumstance I know there are many babies who are not welcomed with happy thoughts.

I am fortunate that I did feel incredibly blessed when each of my little KAT's arrived. 

That moment when they were first placed in my arms lives eternally in my heart.  Each of them is a precious gift and they fill my life with love and meaning....I adore them.

Our oldest KAT is soon to turn eleven and is on the cusp of turning into a young woman.  Our middle KAT is eight and a half and the resident tornado and our baby KAT is shortly to turn four with the attitude and sensibilities of a child at least twice her must be a 3rd child thing I suppose!

They are so uniquely individual and yet alike at the same time.  They have a sister bond that we nourish and reinforce and yet sometimes they rage against having to 'share' and co exist.

SM and I are blessed to have the chance to nurture them and help them grow into amazing women.  I hope that we are fortunate to see that happen. 

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