Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blue & Green Should Never Be Seen?

SM and I are renovating failures.

We have cumulatively spent over six thousand dollars (I'm being really conservative) over the past four years progressing plans through council and toiling through the bureaurocratic nightmare that is renovating.

We have collectively destroyed at least one forest with the revisions upon revisions to our plans and driven our draftsman to distraction in the process.

Finally, when we were excruciatingly close to turning the first sod....we decided we didn't have the heart for it and have advised the builder we are not proceeding.

The reasons are numerous but it all boils down to the simple fact that we just didn't have the heart for it.  The most we've renonvated  previously has been a bathroom...and ripping off the back of our house and stripping what remains was just too big a prospect for us.

Instead, we've been 'prettying' up the small house we are now sticking with and proceeding with plans to do some 'minor' renovations like the bathroom, kitchen and new porch plus some outdoor 'improvements' like...a driveway that is not an OH&S risk!!!!

This will probably take the rest of the year but we will be left with a perfectly comfortable and 'quaint' cottage that has our stamp on it and hasn't stripped me of the last vestiges of sanity that I still possess!!!

The 'prettying' has involved a bit of painting (thanks mostly to SM), some DIY shelf building (also SM) and decorating courtesy of moi...collage above is a selection of my changes:
  • reupholstering a lovely chair we inherited from an elderly neighbor a few years ago when he moved out of his home and in with his daughter
  • a new wizz bang retro light pendant in pale blue over my favourite hand me down item from my childhood, the kitchen table (will post about this another day)
  • new shelves built with love by SM and now holding file boxes in ORANGE from Ikea and assorted pale blue and green ceramics that I've collected over the years
  • new cushions (green one from Table Tonic, blue/white one from Ikea) on our old and crappy 'demin blue' couch which I would LOVE to turf but don't have budgetary approval yet for a new one...amazing what new cushions will do!) 
  • Hand-me-down 70's lamp from my mum (I have coveted it for EVER) with new lampshade I had made
I am a very happy camper in our little space...what do you think??

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