Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Road Ahead

I'm in a pondering mood today. 

Even though I'm at work and have just worked diligently for the last 2hrs on a PowerPoint presentation I'm giving this afternoon, I'm having 10 minutes to bludge, drink a skim hot chocky and ponder the road ahead.

Today's road (unlike this lovely image from here) is a multi-lane highway. 

There's the terror of knowing that we've just commenced a kitchen reno and when I go home tonight I will be kitchenless and potentially have no plasterboard left either!  Will the kitchen reno road ahead be pot hole free or fraught with dramas, scope creep and more costs than we've budgeted for?

Then there's the 'geez my boss is giving me the shits' lane and the blinking neon sign off on the left that says "get off here" and chuck in my job to get away from her.  This is a complex road with many twists, turns and blind corners!

Lane #3 is the slow lane that involves considering whether Sydney is the place for our little KAT's and us to be living - no family, limited support and the constant pressure to aspire to something better.  There is a couple of roads we could branch off onto, we just need to decide if that's what we want and which one to take...

Okay, 10 minutes up...blog time and navel gazing over for a little while...back to working on my next priority task for 'she who must be obeyed' :)

Hope everyones' hump day is going well!

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