Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Balancing the Bumps with the Blessings

2012 was a mixed bag for me. On an individual level it was a year of stumbling. I want to say failing but I've done enough years of cognitive behaviour therapy/mindfulness training to know that's not helpful self-talk.

I don't mention these stumbles to dwell on them, it's merely to document:

  1. My history of yo-yo dieting continues...the "yo" rebounded with a bang - all weight lost in 2011 regained. Not enough words to convey the self-loathing that's ensued.
  2. Work was sporadic, a few good months to be followed by a hiatus when the stair tumble occurred and my confidence is now so low that I feel anxious just thinking about the prospect of ever working again.
  3. Like many men his age, Saint Mike has been struggling with a minor mid-life crisis. Fortunately as the amazingly resilient bloke that he is the impact has been confined to our intimacy suffering a few low points but with focused attention all is well in that garden:)
  4. Illness and injury were a factor in 2012 for me and also for family members. Sadly the end of the year meant the loss of my brother-in-law, leaving behind twin girls our middle KATs age which breaks my heart. Added to this my lovely mother-in-law is being wracked by the relentless progression of Parkinson's and my heart is heavy with the burden this puts on her.
Fortunately these challenges are outweighed by the blessings of my beautiful KATs and Saint Mike along with the pleasure and respite that comes from having constant contact with my amazing siblings and their partners and children and my lovely friends near and far that fill my heart with love.


  1. Oldest KAT graduated from primary school receiving the Dux of the school award. It was a wonderful moment. She is apprehensive about high school but that is to be expected:)
  2. Middle KAT is our very own sporting prodigy....she made the rep teams in both basketball and netball and is a very promising swimmer to boot. Even better she has emerged from year 4 as guileless and effervescent as she entered.
  3. Youngest KAT amazes us with her maturity and intelligence...she is truly the 3rd child. We went to the pool yesterday and she was distraught to be without her flippers which we had assumed SHE would pack! We both agreed that this is typical of the high expectations we have for her at 5 compared to the other two who would no sooner have even got their towels out than pack their own goggles and flippers!! She is off to big school next year and my heart is heavy to lose our special times together.
The dawn of a New Year this time round is not about resolutions and turning over any new leaf. It is about being thankful for the blessings and moments of joy that I was fortunate to have in 2012 and being hopeful that these will continue into 2013.


I love my family and I am grateful to have these blessings.



  1. We go alright. We do.

    Have faith in that, lovely. Have faith that you're okay and they're okay and the world is okay underneath it all.

    Happy new, confident, loving new year. x

  2. Happy, safe and wonderful new year to you and your family ! xo

  3. I hope 2013 is a great year for you and all the family.

    Breaking your arm was a big deal and it may take longer to get back on your feet emotionally than physically. Time will heal. x

  4. Congrats to Kate on receiving Dux and to all the girls with their achievements, It is sad with the last leaving and starting school but trust me you guys will be just as busy .
    It s great to see their individual strengths being rewarded when they put in so much.

    have a lovely new years break and dont be so hard on your self , just look around you , that joy is not easy to achieve xoxo

  5. Hang in there, Lib. You're doing an amazing job, mama. Believe in yourself! J x


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