Sunday, January 20, 2013

My New Blog - Revamped by Libby

I have started a new blog.  It's called Revamped by Libby.  In my usual style of adopting acronyms I will be referring to it from here on as RBL (does it matter if it's a capital B in the acronym?)

I'm going to combine my love of revamping discarded and tired furniture with the need to generate a bit of income for the house of KATcapers.

I was inspired by the above card that I saw at Kikki K the other day but truth be told I've been toying with the idea for a while. 

There's a store in our neck of the woods that is rarely actually open but I peer through the window and admire the items that this lady has in it....things she's reconditioned and repainted.  Some days I've been fortunate enough to see her there, paint brush in hand working on a piece of furniture.  I can do that I've said to myself.

On the interweb I've admired the work of people both local and international who transform furniture items for themselves or for others and revamped them into items to admire and add charm to some lucky person's home.  I can do that I've said to myself.

No more procrastinating.  I'm doing it!

I'd love it if you'd come across and join me there and follow my journey. 
Even better, if you need help with revamping any item of furniture that's been sitting in your shed/roof/under your house/in your spare room and want to discuss it with me I'd love to hear from you!!!!


  1. Good luck Libby, I know you can do anything you put your mind to.

  2. that sounds perfect for you , i always tell people that you were the only person i know who could make a cinder block shelf look good ( back in the Williamstown flat)
    good luck and most importantly enjoy !!


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