Monday, June 10, 2013

Hursuit or not?

Oldest KAT is rapidly emerging into adolescence. She is tentatively beginning to spread her wings and it is challenging for both of us.

Personal grooming has been and I'm sure will continue to be a topic of discussion. My goal is that she comes out the other side of this at times difficult physical transformation with her self esteem intact and retains a positive view of her body...that it is her friend not her enemy!

I am using a board on Pinterest to help express the thoughts and feelings that I want my KATs to be in touch with as they grow's called "Inspiration for daughters".

On the weekend we were hanging out together and I asked her if any of her peers had started discussing hair removal...legs, underarms, eye-brows (I will admit to crossing my fingers that the pubic hair wasn't a topic!!!)

We had a bit of a chuckle about the issue of hairy legs and did a Pinterest search on the topic! Found a couple of funny quotes (including above pointed example) that capture the opposing views quite succinctly!!!

I myself am fairly middle of the road in the hairy stakes...I won't go into specifics but suffice to say I'm not at either extreme!!

It was good to broach the subject and make sure that as with all things I want her to feel comfortable talking to me. Amidst way too many moments of impatience on both our sides of late it was a reassuring parent/soon-to-be teen interaction:)

How do you rank on the scale of hursuitness???


  1. I'm a light-to-medium king of gal. I won't do the full monty, but a tidy up is fine by me and underarm hairfreeness is a religion for me. I forget to shave my legs their required once a week and often don't remember until they start to tangle in my socks. If I was of a more Mediterranean sort of make, I'd definitely be medium-heavy!!!?

  2. I guess I'm medium but I stick to a razor, no wax and nothing professional (except my eyebrows). I remember my Dad complaining that his razor blades didn't seem to be lasting very long and asking if anyone else was using his razor (I was about 16 at the time). Me, my mum and my sister all owned up!


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