Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rescued Desk Reveal

Here she is in all her Scandinavian grey and turqoise glory!

I'm really pleased with how she's looking...once again paint brush therapy has made for a more relaxed and chilled mummy!

The little voice in my head still whispers "you're not doing a good enough job" but my gorgeous KATs and Saint Mike are there to tell me how impressed they are with my handiwork. Middle KAT has decided she will make a fab desk for her!!

An added benefit of this project was doing it up in the Ladyshed:) Peace and quiet up the back of the garden!

You will notice she is san handles? I am dithering...plain or something more jewel-like for this lovely lady...

What do you think?


  1. I was wondering what kinds of handles you were going to put on. I was picturing big jewel-like knobs.

  2. hi Libby -yay a fellow Sydney-sider painter! I love your desk makeover but mostly I want a lady shed. you had me laughing at that -our big old fibro shed is a disaster at the moment -so full of furniture!
    thanks so much for linking up to my Paint Parade


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