Monday, September 9, 2013

Wearing Indiana's Hat

In my last post I mentioned that Middle KAT and I had been workshopping an analogy to help her cope with what's happening to me.  As you'll know if you've spent any time reading about Middle KAT, she's a bit of a visual child.

Our gorgeous girl is a bit of a movie buff.  It makes my heart sing as watching movies has always been a huge buzz for me...but it's also something that gives her a real connection with Saint Mike because she's a keen aficionado of the sorts of movies that make HIS heart sing...think completely inappropriate action/war/sci-fi/blood & guts "boy" flicks!!! 

So, where else to go for an analogy to help her understand mummy's predicament than a classic action flick....Indiana Jones!

So as I stood holding her tight whilst she cried at the shock of seeing my pixie hair, we talked about how what we were doing was a bit like what Indiana had to do when he cuts a swathe through the jungle only to come bursting out to find himself perched perilously on the wrong side of an abyss.
Every nerve ending is telling him that he should not proceed, risking life and limb on the tenacity of some dodgy rope ladder strung across this crevasse. 
His fight or flight instincts are engaged in a rowdy battle under his hat.
But he knows that he needs to get to safety across that bridge and he really has no choice....he must do the thing he least wants to do.
We are like Indiana Jones - we have no choice.  What's on the "other side" is the rest of our life. Our life together as a family.  This is an abyss that there's only one way to cross - surgery, chemo, more surgery and a very long stretch where mummy doesn't look like the person you know and love!
Middle KAT really got this analogy!  It gave her the necessary "colour and movement" and seems to have enabled her somewhere to park her feelings and that's what I wanted.
I'm posting this from bed recovering from the first round of chemo.  It didn't go well!  I'm barely functioning.  If I'm continuing the Indiana Jones analogy I feel like some little Aztec guy shot me with a poison dart!!!!
Next post I'll relate what happened.  We haven't fallen into the abyss but it was certainly calling my name a few times.


  1. Hello Mrs Katz. I am not a regular reader of your blog. I can't spend too much more time on social media than I already do and your family-orientated blog is more for insiders than outsiders. However, I checked in when I read of your current health challenge on Tonia's blog some weeks ago. A friend has recently been through a similar type of the Big C. It's been a very traumatic experience for her, as I am sure it has been for anyone who has been afflicted with it to a smaller or greater degree. Therefore I have passed on a link to your blog to her, just in case she wants to have a look and in case she finds reading it is of some help, even though she is past the treatment stage you are now having. I really like your Indiana Jones analogy. Indiana survived the Temple of Doom and you will too. I sincerely hope that the only Big C in your life from now on is spelt C-U-R-E, and that once more in your life the letter K can take it's former predominance. Best Wishes, Chris.

  2. Oh Lib. You gorgeous girl. No words. Know I'm here reading in Hobart. You're in my prayers. J x


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