Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sneaky Shed Update

Well the sneaky shed now has a frame! 

Saint Mike is now an expert in building timber frames.  He's even acquired a tool belt.

We were already aware that we are blessed in the neighbor department - we're surrounded by legends.  It just so happens that our neighbor PK is a legend in the handyman department and has kindly been acting as mentor for SM ensuring that the nail gun is pointed in the right direction.  So far the mantra "measure twice, cut once" has been paying dividends.

There is an opening for a lovely double hung sash window (on order) and in the interests of reduce/re-use/recycle SM has used our old sliding door which used to act as our front door pre-reno.

The sneaky shed is going to have a rakishly perched hat...a skillion roof (raked from front to back) to allow in lots of light.  The new colorbond roofing in Woodland Grey is now sitting ready for installation this weekend (if weather permits.  We have perused more YouTube videos to prepare for the 'roofing' phase and things are looking pretty do-able according to SM.

Skillion/Raked roof will look something like this
Image from here
 The back wall of the shed (her bottom) has also begun to be clad in cement sheeting...after deliberations re the degree of difficulty of putting up cladding, I suggested we go for more of a beach shack aesthetic and go with the Hardie-Board with timber batten approach.  I think this will give the sneaky shed a nice retro look (which we know I'm a huge fan of).

Image from here

This beauty (remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder) is a true retro shack with the sort of fibro look that I hope we can imitate.  It's down at Bundeena and thankfully has been protected, won't be bulldozed in favour of some tragic concrete beach McMansion.  I'm sure it's stinking hot in Summer and frigid in Winter though:)

Image from here
Our sneaky shed will be insulated (roof and walls).  Next job is to investigate a rainwater tank to get plumbed in...hang on, that's another thing to research on YouTube!  Surely SM is up for a bit of plumbing?

I also like the awnings over the windows of this shack - shouldn't be too tough to knock up should it SM???

So there you go.  Next week, expect to see the sneaky shed with her hat on and a demurely covered derriere.  

Thanks for all your lovely comments re my injured wing and my trip to Melbourne...will post an update later this week on how that's travelling:)


  1. So impressed! Allan is an expert with the pressure cleaner (always cleans the patio when he's home) but I wouldn't let him near a nail gun!

  2. Really impressed with all this industry and imagination- am sure it will look fantastic! Catherine

  3. Fab!! Send Saint Mike over my way, stat! His brother, Saint Bart, is not at all handy with a frame. x


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