Monday, July 30, 2012

weekend roundup

Oldest KAT enjoying a pain au chocolait on Saturday morning

Back from our jaunt to Melbourne.  It was the best of times and the worst of times.

The best because I spent extended uninterrupted time with Oldest doppelganger, mini-me (all the best bits thankfully) and my oldest friend (and her husband who's also a pretty 'spesh' friend).

The worst because my arm throbbed in sync with the music and just generally ached like buggery!  It was a sign of how this was wearing thin with me when I spilt a drink on myself on the flight back and burst into tears!!!  Some unexpected but much appreciated TLC from the kind Qantas hosties made me feel much better...a pillow to support my arm and a few tissues were a much-needed salve for my frayed edges.

We were looked after by my oldest friend, who met her husband at the youth group through me (my one and only claim to fame in the match-making department).  She and I go back even further though, we have known each other since we were pre-schoolers (met a Kindy).  She knows me better than anyone and is personally acquainted with many of the skeletons in my closet!!

That's her on the left, me on the right and our other friend in the middle - College Ball circa good do we look!!!

The Reunion Mass was great....I had an embarrassingly good time.  I sang my heart out. I remembered harmonies I haven't sung for over 20 years and at the supper afterwards time dissolved the intervening years as I laughed and chatted.  In the end I had to be dragged out by Oldest KAT as she was hungry and were retired for a good old Melbourne 'counter meal' (NSW readers will be shaking their heads at this term...think pub food!).

Practising before-hand.  I'm the tall one behind the boy in red...he's the sweet young son of an old choir friend.

At the supper we even got to watch ourselves on the screen as someone had a copy of the televised mass from about 1989 I think.

I'm standing next to the thoroughbred in pink....she also happens to be my younger sister!!!!  I captured this image just as the credits were appearing...all over my face (you get the picture though).

We sounded just as great at yesterdays Mass as we did 20 years ago....still got it!!!  A lady came up to me afterwards and said "I remember you, I used to come and listen to you every used to be blonde didn't you"!!!!!! thin, so naturally blonde!!!!

The years I spent as part of the 5 O'Clock Group were formative in many ways - aside from the singing, the camaraderie, the spirituality, I met a boy who would become a long term boyfriend and eventually we'd become engaged only to agree to part 3 months before our wedding...sad but the best decision I ever made:)  I must post about that at some point!

"Hanging out" with the 'boy' in the presbytery kitchen!

A 15yr old me.

A great weekend.  A trip worth taking even with a bung arm:)  A chance to reconnect with people and a time that will always be special.  I was lucky to find my way to them and I'm lucky to have the chance to find my way back to them on occasions like rediscover a 'me' that I'd forgotten to some extent.  A 'me' I'm proud of and that I can shed a tear that I didn't appreciate her when she was in her prime:)

Life's like that though isn't it.  Hindsight has 20-20 vision!


  1. Hindsight sucks 'tis true bt you sound like you had a fab time despite the bung arm :)

  2. I hope you're proud of the 'me' you are now! It sounds like a great weekend, but would have been better without the broken arm.

  3. Oh Lib. Such an interesting post. I'm sorry about your arm still giving you grief but pleased you had such a ball. Old friends are the best! J x

  4. What a great post- and the photos are wonderful! And so special to be able to share it with your daughter.

  5. It was a great mass- with me in my usual just there to be with my friends role and not so much the holyness - you guys sounded really good.

    and yes you get the praise and the blame for your match making success- depends on the day ( joking)


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