Monday, July 9, 2012

July so far

A week is a long time in the house of KATcapers.

This time last week I was mourning my dad and anguishing over the fact that he's been gone from us for five years.

This anniversary also fell quite messily in the midst of a crazy time at work and the craziness that is school holidays. 

Today, a post in pictures of the first week of July...

My orange letterbox was installed by my ever-patient husband.  It now matches our orange front door.

Youngest KAT and I made a boat from an egg carton...I'm rather chuffed with this craft effort!
You can find the inspiration here

I finally got my wallpaper up....loving it!

Wallpaper feature wall with laundry in background - loving my sunny yellow tiles.  Wallpaper was put up Sunday arvo whilst Saint Mike had a nap...thank you Youtube for the 'how-to' video!!!

Youngest KAT broke out her inner roar!

All this in my down time having had the most frantic few weeks at work...evidenced by my diet coke intake has been frightening!!!

Over and out from me.  Nothing else to see here.


  1. I am most impressed at your wallpapering handiwork, Lib. And the tiger suit is sooo cute! J x

  2. See I have had such a busy week its the first time I have had a chance to pop in.. I actually get where you come from.

    I too get bugger all comments and wonder why I bother. I think I tried to be more of a writer and it don't come natural you hear me?

    I am going back to pictures, the odd question if I need some help (not that I ever get much.. again the comments thing) and sharing cool DIYS I find...easy ones..

    I love that wallpaper and OMG I am so impressed that Mike did it... also REALLY love that letterbox x


I looooooove comments....thank you for taking the time :)

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