Monday, July 23, 2012

a sneaky shed

Saint mike is building a sneaky new shed....I'm hoping it will be less "shed" more "retreat" as per the above image!

A few weeks ago if anone had used the word 'building' in the context of my chartered accountant/white-collar/business consultant husband I would have quietly chuckled.

It's not that he's not capable it's just that it's never been his thing...the whole 'DIY dad' caper. 

Something has changed though.

He got it into his head that he would have a go at building a new shed since we had asked the builder to demolish the old absbestos-filled one that was cramped, spider-infested and leaky.

We'd toyed with one of those ugly metal ones but he agreed that it wasn't very inspiring.

After watching a bunch of youtube video's he decided to have a crack at every spare moment (when he hasn't been nursing his clumsy wife) he's been building.

He worked out how to put footers in and build his bearers and joists

He's installed the floor...and at that stage I advised that with three girls at the very least he's built them a dream stage!

The KATs are loving helping daddy out and unlike my recollection of my dads DIY projects there's NO swearing, cursing or tools thrown in frustration! 

Like everything SM undertakes it is conducted in a calm, controlled and anxiety-free zone!!

This weekend whilst I guzzled panadeine forte at appropiate intervals he continued to work on it and we ow have stud frame walls and ceiling joists!

Our very lovely neighbor is acting as mentor and snazzy tool provider and they make a great team:)

The structure is bigger than the old shed (sssssshhhhh) and will act as shed (tool storage/workbench at one end) and spare room/retreat at the other end. 

He has re-used the old sliding door for it and there will be a deck/porch for the muskoka chairs

It's going to have cement sheeting with timber battens to match the gables on the house.  It will look like it's been there for years.

It will have a raked ceiling like this one and we will install a rainwater tank to catch the storm-water...

I'm so proud of him...can't wait to show you updates!!


  1. Once the building bit is finished you can do the lovely 'shopping and fitting'part!

  2. Ooh, most impressive, Lib. I can't wait to see the end result. J x

  3. Libby this is just fantastic! I would love having an outdoor retreat instead of the boring colour bond shed! But my hubby is definitely not what i would consider handy...hats off to your hubby...he actually looks like he's having fun! xx

  4. Oh this sounds like a great project! I can't wait to see how it looks when its finished!!

  5. Oh wow, what a clever husband - can't wait to see the end result. Thanks for the kind comment you left me today x


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