Thursday, July 26, 2012

getting the band back together

Me and my dodgy arm are off to Melbourne tomorrow.  That's unless my orthopedic surgeon doesn't nix my plan to fly.

Oldest KAT is coming along as my nurse/dresser/face washer/pants pull-upperer.  She is suitably excited about getting a trip with mum.

The purpose of the trip is to participate in a reunion mass as part of the anniversary of the church I attended as a young-un. 

In those days I was an active member of the youth group at the church and sang in the youth choir on a Sunday evening...we were called 'the 5 o'clock group'. 

We were probably as cringe-worthy as this classic duo from Four Weddings and a Funeral...and yes I did sing at plenty of weddings (by request) and got paid to warble various Carpenters tunes and the odd Ave Maria!

We were lucky to have more than our fair share of talented instrumentalists and vocalists and it was the days when the catholic church were more liberal with music and we were known for combining classic folk music with contemporary church music...we got so popular we were chosen for a televised mass one time and the congregation was often 800 plus.

The worship was always paramount though and every Sunday night we would retire after dinner (often pizza) to the presbytery lounge room and plan the next weeks music.

They were great times.  They were great people. 

We had a 20th year reunion 5 years dad was there, it was a couple of months before he died.  We had a great time....he had played guitar for some of my time in the choir.  It will be hard to participate on Sunday without him but I know he'll be there in spirit.

We will have a practise before the mass...I will feel the joy I have always felt when I sing and doing it in my old church will make my heart even fuller.

Have a great weekend:)


  1. ooh that sounds great fun! wow..enjoy!

  2. Good for you, Lib. Have a fab time catching up with your old buddies. J x

  3. Happy to have found you through Jane! Have a wonderful time. Nothing like music to bring people together.


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